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Face First Down The Rabbit-hole

By Frank J Hopkins, published on Apr 27, 2007

Relationships have always been difficult for me...I cannot tell you how I marvel at those who seem to be able to manage them so easily,to navigate the untidy waters of dating and commitment as if born to it-endowed with some special skill conferred to some and denied others. Now truth be told I don't spend an inordinate amount time thinking about love,relationships or dating and certainty those who have been with me would of course no doubt agree-knives opened and venom on display. I don't think that I am that hard to be with (of course who does)I freely admit and own up to my flaws-after... (more)

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Why The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions

By Frank J Hopkins, published on Apr 18, 2007

Kurt Vonnegut died on an otherwise unremarkable April 11th but that was not the lead story merely an aside lost inside a storm of noise by people practiced in the art of disingenuous discourse... Don Imus was fired by both MSNBC and CBS Radio and while that was the lead on most of the networks and certainly took up a great deal of the programming on MSNBC the firing and subsequent public execution of Don Imus was,contrary to those who decide what is news was alas also not the story. The story was and is the triumph of feelings over intent;the ascension of the 12 step culture as arbiter and executioner... (more)

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