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An Edge In My Voice

By Frank J Hopkins, published on Jun 8, 2013

Welcome to this small corner the title of which was not chosen merely for cosmetic purpose nor as salutation and acknowledgement. Now more than ever there is a need to have an edge in our voice. We need to throw off the chains of false equivalencies which are used as rationale for bad policy; bad government and useless ideology. Now more than ever we must find our way out from sloth offered as virtue, from virtue offered as shield, from shield as cover for villains and villainy.

Do not let anyone tell you that there are no villains or that the very concept is childish or naive-they... (more)


Obituary For A Ghost

By Frank J Hopkins, published on Jun 23, 2011

Though I saw her rarely I hoped death was kind...

There was so much to be sorry for

so much resented and unsaid...

Though I saw her rarely when last I did

my mouth broke open an angry wound

that poured forth bloody vowels edged and lacerating.

Though I saw her rarely as the years waned

I recalled with great discomfort how I hated her.

How I despised her and she me.

How betrayed I felt and like all small men

the damage I wanted to do.

Though I saw her rarely I still harbored regret

over bridges burned and... (more)


Not All Victory Is The Same

By Frank J Hopkins, published on Jun 22, 2011


As The President will speak tonight on troop withdrawal from Afghanistan

and perhaps say finally that our reason to be in Afghanistan is done.

What we will no doubt get will yet one more rational for propping up

a corrupt regime because it is useful to do so.

Too often this President has felt like all the others albeit with

better words and sincre aspirations masking that sad truth

that hope and change are things that have to fought for not

begged politely with shuffling feet and fleeting conviction.

Here is what I thought... (more)

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Destruction in 140 Charcters

By Frank J Hopkins, published on Jun 21, 2011

I take this as truth and not irony-the road to hell is paved with good intentions....I would however amend it to include:As it is with those who are intoxicated with their own noble deeds.Anthony Weiner was run from office by a self-deluding mob as well as his own reckless actions.That Weiner is guilty of nothing more than being unable to decide if he wants the life of a married man or that of a single man is the real offense here and at that,it is his wife's upon which to pass judgement.A reporter named Christopher who writes for Mediaiate wrote a story two weeks ago that suggested that Weiner... (more)


Don't Hate The Duke

By Frank J Hopkins, published on Jun 19, 2011

It only took a few lawsuits and fourteen years but the Duke has come back and boy are some people pissed.The Duke in question would be Nukem and for some in the gaming community there seems to be a debate about wether the wait was worth it and if the Duke is no longer the innocent over the top parody of years before or rather a politically incorrect wretch to be shunned and derided.

When last I played the Duke-Doom was king and Carmac a god...Those days are long,long,gone.

I have no problem with this current Duke because I didn’t have any expectations to begin with.Anyone who... (more)



By Frank J Hopkins, published on Jun 18, 2011


Lover's launch words


from grim metal shards-

souvenirs from yetserday's wars.

Unlocked pent up virgins

scream for quiet...

They want everything to red:

the sky, the dirt, tomorrow and


The broken child has a doll...

She too is broken...

kept in glass but never mourned,

allowed to speak so long as there

is no weeping.



The Politics Of Cowardice

By Frank J Hopkins, published on Jun 17, 2011

The Politics Of Cowardice So the mob has won and the monster driven from the village... I presume now that the world is safe from base behavior and politicians that lie to the same media that helped them become easily recognized as they hop from cable show to cable show. There is a price for cowardice and every Democrat who joined the mob and every reporter that helped to stoke the flames of the torches and sharpen the points of the pitchforks should be afraid-for one day they may very well in the same position as Anthony Weiner and it will be interesting to see what they will do. Anthony... (more)

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A Christmas Story

By Frank J Hopkins, published on Dec 17, 2008

It is roughly 11:07 pm in New York city, it is cold and the rain falls relentlessly,unsparingly...without prejudice.

In 2009 1 in 7 mortgages will be in default or foreclosed upon. If you turn on any cable news network all you hear is talk, grating discussions descending into minutia; senators and congressmen talking, scheming, pretending offense or principle depending on the day.

Reams of words have been piled high as discussions go on about the bail out of the auto industry-the case for or against, debates on leveraged bankruptcy or even all encompassing failure...Punitive... (more)

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Who Will Take God To Task

By Frank J Hopkins, published on Aug 7, 2007

...We are all responsible. Each and every one of us...for the things we do and the things we do not. We are weak and craven and on occasion we manage to reach the heights of nobility,crawling out from the muck and the mire peeking out our heads like frightened rabbits and we do something or we stop something from happening that should not happen. We struggle with truths that unsettle us, with questions that shake us to our very foundation...We twist and turn in the prison that night can be hoping for an answer or a way. We are rotten. We are spoiled and diseased and we deserve our fate precisely... (more)

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A Nation Always One Step From Mourning

By Frank J Hopkins, published on Jun 19, 2007

I wanted to wait a bit before weighing in on the events at Virginia tech. I wanted to digest the coverage which was endless and as ever present as the morning sky. I wanted to wait until all that had yet to be revealed would be and then I wanted to see what it added up to and where it left those who alive must bear both memory and witness. Do not disregard that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach because that feeling is correct-we have been here before. We have gone down this dark road and still there are no lights planted to illuminate the path,no markers to distinguish the scarfice others... (more)

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