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A ClockWork Orange

By Frank J Hopkins, published on Aug 29, 2013

So this is where we are...charities who feed the homeless in Raleigh n.c. threatened with arrest....Unemployed people who have been so for more than 26 weeks and who as a statistical matter are older left on their own and in truth left for dead by a media that would rather focus on the meaning and consequence of strip club rappers and a has been Disney pop singer’s performance at a music awards show broadcast oddly enough on a network no longer known for music.We wage war on poor people.We prey on the young with student loans tied to interest rates that would make the mafia embarrassed.We... (more)


Vicissitudes And Vituperations

By Frank J Hopkins, published on Aug 5, 2013

Justice is a funny thing in America and the reaction to both its execution and lack thereof make for strange bedfellows. It is quaint and almost charmingly naive to listen to white people when they talk about justice in America.

In part I think because white people rarely have to think about their "whiteness" they make assumptions about the world that can only come from not having to think about the color of their skin, the sound of their name, the position of their hands or the choice of theirof clothing.

For people of color however justice is a "crap shoot" most of the time... (more)


The Drowned and The Damned

By Frank J Hopkins, published on Jul 15, 2013

I want you to take a minute and think about the things you own....go on. I would imagine that many of you have a good sized list: houses, cars, rings, etc.. These are things that you have purchased or even inherited. Few items in that possible list are indigenous to you- now replay the question and ask yourself again what do you own? I can tell what you do not own-your email or cell phone conversations. Those things are the property of the tel-coms, property of Microsoft or Yahoo or Google. Rarely if ever will you be informed that some anonymous, someone might be shifting through your information.

... (more)


Beyond The Edge Of Silence

By Frank J Hopkins, published on Jul 4, 2013

Murderous nurses hacking vines with cold steel,

the gruesome toll for a grisly war...

Metal scrapes across riveted floor

like the scraps of prayers

broken upon steel bars.

Here it is dark...along the row blind men go round in circles..

Language is useless here.

The destitute beg in mime for kindness and

each day ash falls along the bitter earth.



Just A Few Words

By Frank J Hopkins, published on Jul 4, 2013

As July 4th approaches the midway point of summer having arrived with hues of blue and heat swarm it might be wise to take a long deep gaze at Egypt and perhaps this July 4th we should think less about bbq's and short weeks and for a moment consider: that in a country which many Americans think little of if they think of it at all - Egypt - has in the span of two and half years overthrown a dictator and a radical Islamic agenda masquerading as a democracy even though it was "democratically" elected.

We as Americans supposedly have the right the to vote though it would seem that more... (more)


Dream Are Made Of This

By Frank J Hopkins, published on Jun 30, 2013

On June 13 a Friday of extraordinary beauty in Duluth Karen smalls did not go to work...From the time she began working she never missed a day and was always on time. On June 13 a beautiful day Karen smalls sat in her 2 bedroom apt among pictures and post cards and... slit her wrists. She was 59 years old leaving behind two daughters and three grandchildren.

Robert James always had a smile. Robert James had been unemployed twice in his life had suffered a divorce and a cancer scare. Robert James owned his car and his home and on Nov 27 while his family was celebrating Thanksgiving he... (more)


The Great and Powerful Oz

By Frank J Hopkins, published on Jun 22, 2013

Sometimes that which is built in secret will eventually come to light...Sometimes because the world is full with slights and grievance catastrophic events will happen and when those events are used to stoke fear and that fear becomes the foundation upon which to build an apparatus that left unchecked and unsupervised will do its will as if alive and sentient..Sometimes the cogs in that machine will on thier own develop a self awareness about what they are doing;you can't always count on the people running the apparatus to stay within its bounds. Humans can be troublesome that way.It... (more)


The Devil In The Details

By Frank J Hopkins, published on Jun 15, 2013

Choice is a beautiful thing,a necessary thing. Without choice what are we?

Technology should be about should be about inclusion rather than exclusion.Gaming is but a small slice in the technology pie and once upon a time gaming was about choice-home gaming perhaps not as much as pc gaming but you still had choice and that was fine. Console gaming can be broken down very clearly between before online and the internet and after...It seems to me that you could make the argument that home gaming was better before the internet and online presence.Today I will not talk... (more)


Music For Moderns

By Frank J Hopkins, published on Jun 9, 2013

In candlelight

dining on ashes

we sit discussing

the impeding doom.

Bells peal while our eyes fall over tiled mosaics

carrying our thoughts to water

carrying us over the faces of friends

never to be seen again

carrying words

we should have spoken.

In candlelight

shadows dance

the present fragments from the past

while outside the gloom grows

like late afternoons over

innocent children who play

without a care and

cannot yet hear

the approach of

... (more)


Pining For The Moon

By Frank J Hopkins, published on Jun 8, 2013

There were low voices

that could have been mistaken for chanting...

but it was not.

There were heads cowled and bowed

that could have been mistaken for praying...

but they could not.

There were many eyes -moist and reddened-

that could have been mistaken for crying...

but they were not.

The smell of a cigarette’s burning filter lingered as disease might...

Two explored with urgency one body

it could have been mistaken for love...

but it was not.



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