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Meddazzaland - Part 2

By Fortus, published on Oct 21, 2010

As I stare south straining to see through the smoke plumes still rising from the landscape, I hope to see something that I can identify with the Las Vegas I remember, the Las Vegas I know and love. It doesn't happen, there is nothing that vaguely resembles the Las Vegas in my memory. The smoke plumes are now combining with the on coming night, making it that much harder to identify something, anything that could viewed as Vegas.

Well, that's Vegas, no doubt about it as this is where the speedway is, or was. Across Las Vegas Boulevard, to the east, is Nellis Air Force Base. That's the... (more)

Tags: fiction, sci-fi

Medazzaland - part 1

By Fortus, published on Oct 6, 2010

It was a sharp, stinging pain in my leg.

Clearing my eyes of the liquid, I looked down at my hand. It is caked with red blood and deep brown pieces of scabs, seems I have another injury. Wiping off my hand on my shirt, I quickly do a check of my body and find I have a nice gash on my forehead, most likely from falling to the pavement that I am lying on. Pushing the pain aside in my leg, I struggle to my feet.

The world around me comes into focus, or more accurately, tries to come into focus. I find myself standing in a dried pool of what I can only guess, is my blood. My uniform... (more)

Tags: fiction, sci-fci

NASA's New Mission - Observer

By Fortus, published on Oct 6, 2010

On September 30th, the House Approved NASA's $19 Billion budget for FY2011. As long as President Obama signs the Bill, the budget is set. This means the death of the Constellation Program. What's that you ask? It was a program put into action in 2004 to return Americans to the moon and then on to Mars. It also included designing and building new vehicles to reach the moon, and possibly to Mars as well, and new mobile launches at Cape Kennedy. The vehicles were to be totally new design, new computers, electronics, avionics and of course engines. This means a lot of testing, testing, and more... (more)

Tags: nasa, budget, future, mission, space, spaceflight, private spaceflight

99ers Have to Wait, It's Not the Worst Thing To Be Done

By Fortus, published on Oct 2, 2010

Best estimates state that between 4 and 5.5 million Americans are 99ers with an estimated 40,000 more a week joining that total. The U.S. unemployment rate hovers at 9.6%. 99ers are unemployed, through no fault of their own, United States Citizens who have used 99 weeks of unemployment insurance, including 67 weeks extended insurance, and have not landed a new job.

Those are the facts on the side of the 99ers.

On Wednesday, Senator Debbie Stabenow(D-MI) introduced Senate Legislation S3706-Americans Want to Work Act, which she drafted on August 4th, to the Senate for a vote and/or... (more)

Tags: politics, republicans, democrats, news, gop, government, 99ers, united states politics

NBA Season Is Upon Us, Cavs Fans Ready With Ear Plugs

By Fortus, published on Sep 30, 2010

For the first time in 7 years there is little hope of the playoffs, let alone the championship in Cleveland. The post-LeBron era begins with the 2010-11 NBA Season in Cleveland. Thankfully the local media has yet to cover the NBA season daily, possibly knowing that the fans are not ready yet for the wave of humiliation that is sure to come. For many fans this is the first time following the Cavs without LeBron, and for far many more, it's the first time following LeBron without the Cavs.

After reading more than a few national articles about the events that transpired this spring concerning... (more)


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