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Headline Potpourri #2

By FMeekins, published on Jul 22, 2009

At least my God never forgets His word. That is more than can be said of Pseudomessiah Barack Obama. The President confessed to knowing nothing of the provision in the healthcare bill that would forbid insurance companies from enrolling new applicants once the legislation goes into effect. Thus, he is either a liar or a halfwit. Take your choice.Walter Cronkite might have been the most trusted man in America, but that trust might have been misplaced. According to a number of retrospectives published since his passing, one could legitimately conjecture that his support for America was questionable... (more)

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Galactica Conclusio Philosophicus

By FMeekins, published on Jul 17, 2009

In one of the climactic scenes of the conclusion of “Battlestar Galactica”, Gaius Baltar remarks that an unseen hand had been guiding events all along up until that point. Just as the characters were propelled by something from beyond themselves, the producers behind this show may have been driven by ideas originating from sources other than their own fertile imaginations.

Even in the original “Battlestar Galactica” from the 1970’s, one of the underlying premises of the saga was that “Life here began out there with forefathers of the Egyptians, the... (more)


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