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Good Customer Service from Your Web Host Provider

By famousbloggerq, published on May 20, 2016

The majority of savvy business owners utilize blogs and websites in order to both retain existing customers and attract new ones. Whilst most business owners fully understand the importance of creating great content for their sites and blogs, the choice of web host for their website too often takes a back seat as people fail to realise exactly how important it is. Because of this, many business owners often end up making the wrong choice in the beginning by not properly evaluating their needs and requirements from a hosting provider, often resulting in future problems for their business which... (more)


Getting Your Child Excited About Sports

By famousbloggerq, published on May 3, 2016

There are lots of reports these days about how people in general just aren't active enough, and this is leading to all kinds of public health issues. As well as very visible problems like obesity, which can cause psychological as well as physical issues, the sedentary lifestyles of many Americans are causing us to experience muscle weakness, early aging and heart problems. Children, too, are far less active on the whole than they should be for good health, and so as parents, it is important to help them develop an enjoyment for physical activity that will not only help them stave off early... (more)

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Queen Elizabeth II – A tireless monarch

By famousbloggerq, published on Apr 21, 2016

Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II has shown remarkable stamina during a very long and successful reign, during which she has seen many difficult times. Despite this, she has always remained a steady influence on her realm, making regular visits to all countries of the commonwealth, and maintained her popularity throughout her reign.

Diamond Jubilee

The year 2012 marked sixty years as ruler of the commonwealth, and celebrations were held throughout the Commonwealth, affirming the continued popularity of Queen Elizabeth II, who has surpassed her grandmother Queen Victoria to... (more)

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Aging Population in Atlanta Reaches Epic Proportions

By famousbloggerq, published on Apr 12, 2016

As the capital of Georgia, it would be logical to assume that the majority of the total population would be Millennials. Actually, this is not the case as a huge portion of the population within the city limits of Atlanta are over the age of 60 which means that there is a greater need than ever before in programs geared towards providing services to the elderly.

According to the most recent statistics, there are more than 46,000 homes in which seniors reside and many of those are seniors living alone or with others of a similar age. With summer just around the corner and severe heat... (more)

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5 Reasons to Book a Staycation with the Kids This Summer

By famousbloggerq, published on Apr 8, 2016

Summer holidays are the highlight of everyone’s calendar. It is a chance to rest and unwind, away from the pressures of work and school. A week or two away does everyone the power of good, but only if you choose the right destination.

Although holidays abroad will always be popular, many families prefer the ideal of having a holiday from home -a staycation. Not only are there fewer costs involved, but it also gives families a chance to further explore the area that they live in.

If a staycation sounds intriguing to you, keep reading. Below are five reasons why taking the kids... (more)

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How to Use Video to Improve Your Company Branding

By famousbloggerq, published on Apr 1, 2016

Have you ever considered using video in order to promote your business and brand? Video can have a great effect on your search engine rankings as well as being an effective way to boost customer engagement levels. In recent times, video has become a hugely important medium when it comes to brand marketing – just look at YouTube which is the world’s second biggest search engine, overtaken only by Google. Businesses everywhere are incorporating video into their marketing strategies, as it is an effective way to connect with customers and give them better information about the brands and products... (more)

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Keeping Mom up with the Times:Trendy Gifts to Make Her Smile

By famousbloggerq, published on Mar 29, 2016

It is always difficult finding just the right gift for mom, especially when it seems she has everything she wants. Of course now that her children are grown up and have left the nest, she probably would want to go back in time to when they were little filling the home with the sweet sounds of their little footsteps and joyful voices.

Since that just isn’t possible, it’s up to you to find interesting gadgets and gifts to brighten up her day the next holiday that rolls around. Whether it is Easter, Mother’s Day, her birthday or any other celebratory day, a trendy gift is sure to make her... (more)

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8 Ways DIRECTV Internet Has Impacted Off-Grid Living

By famousbloggerq, published on Mar 7, 2016

There is a growing trend among literally tens of thousands of people who are taking a step back from society, for reasons of their own, and simply want to live off grid. With as little as a solar generator, a camper and a few amenities, it is definitely possible to fly under the radar for years, only coming up for supplies. It’s like living in another dimension and a big part of the reason why this is possible is because of satellite access to the outside world. In fact, you can click here to see why DIRECTV Internet has made such an impact to off-grid living and then take a few minutes to... (more)

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The 5 Most Popular Water Sports to Enjoy in Hawaii

By famousbloggerq, published on Mar 7, 2016

Whether you're planning your first trip to the Hawaiian Islands or you're returning for some more fun in the sun, one of the biggest attractions Hawaii brings to the table is its sparking coastlines. From the Big Island itself to the shores of Oahu, the beaches and oceans give just about anyone the chance to have day after day of leisure, entertainment or exercise. Many people travel to Hawaii to take part in the many different water sports its climate provides. For your next trip to Hawaii, you'll want to consider enjoying one or more of the five most popular water sports anyone can partake... (more)

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Ensure Your PPC Advertising Strategy is Profitable in 2016

By famousbloggerq, published on Feb 29, 2016

Running a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign can be quite challenging without adequate research and/or experience. When used properly, this method of outreach can bring targeted visitors from the search engine to your site by placing your ads at the top of the search results (in the sponsored ads section) for the keyword/term of your choice. Adversely, a poorly executed PPC campaign can result in a loss and leave you feeling as though a different advertising method would've been a better choice. With that said, there's a reason why so many of the top companies in various industries continue... (more)

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