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The Politics Of Expatriating To Mexico

By expat2003, published on Apr 28, 2008

Writing articles about Americans who expatriate to Mexico is not fun. If you are an expat who realizes you got bamboozled by the "There's-a-Fantasy-Island-Welcoming-Party-waiting-just-for-you rhetoric," and you want to say so, forget it! You will be slandered into silence or threatened or both! And why do Fakepats attack? They do so mostly out of delusional thinking. They think that to express an opinion stemming from an expatriation philosophy that differs from theirs is threatening. They think you are out to get them. They take exception that you have the mind-boggling thought that to be... (more)

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A Light Bulb Moment On Moving To Mexico

By expat2003, published on Apr 22, 2008

I've made a discovery. It's taken a while to arrive at the point where I think I am beginning to understand something. Call me dense. I get called every other imaginable pejorative by readers, so why not add dense, thickheaded, numbskull, dunderhead? I answer to all of those names and even others that are too wickedly vile to repeat.

When my wife and I moved to Mexico in 2003, we came with a radically different philosophy of expatriation than the one many of our fellow expatriates hold. We believed that expatriation should look something like this:Expatriation is the process by which... (more)

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How To Deal With Vocabulary When Learning A New Language

By expat2003, published on Apr 22, 2008

In my quest to achieve native-like fluency in Spanish, I have struggled with an issue that is common to all language learners, whether one is learning a dead language like Latin or one of the many modern languages currently spoken on the planet: vocabulary. The one universal struggle is the monumental task of mastering enough vocabulary to sound as close to a native as possible.

"One needs perhaps 20,000 words to begin to sound somewhat native-like, but 100,000 words should be the goal of the second-language learner." (Winitz)

Imagine that! You need only a mere... (more)

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What Is Total Immersion In Learning A Second Language?

By expat2003, published on Apr 9, 2008

Introduction In the 1990's when I was contemplating learning Spanish, I was told repeatedly by well-meaning friends that if I really wanted to learn Spanish I would have to live in a country in which Spanish was the dominate spoken tongue. If you Google "Spanish Immersion," you will get 1,790,000 hits. After exhausting myself by reading about 250 websites, all of which tried very hard to get me to enroll in their costly Spanish Immersion Courses located in various Spanish-speaking countries, which would have required me to re-mortgage my home a billion times plus hope some rich philanthropist... (more)

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How To Become Mexicanized

By expat2003, published on Apr 2, 2008

Is it fair, no, not fair but ethical, to demand of immigrants to America that which we, as Americans, would not demand of ourselves when and if we were to immigrate to another country? Are we being "Double Minded Gringos" to demand certain things, if you will-requirements, of Mexicans for example, when they attempt to move to our country that we wouldn't dare demand of ourselves?

Just what does it mean for an immigrant to the United States to become "Americanized?" Just what do we mean as a people when we say that anyone, Latinos or whomever, who comes to live among us should adopt and... (more)

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