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How to Pick the Most Cool Games to Play

By Eugene111, published on Apr 4, 2014

It can be so much fun when you find a really good game that you want to play all of the time. Many of us have done it in our lives, when we have managed to get hours of entertainment form a particular game. The problem is that this fun will not last forever as you will eventually complete the game.

When you have this sort of disappointment, you immediately want to find another game to replace it with that is just as much fun, if not more. This is not as easy as it might seem.

If you know people that also play the game, then try to find out what other games they play and... (more)

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How to Stop Flash Game Addiction?

By Eugene111, published on Mar 27, 2014

There are many people that worry about flash games as well as any other games being addictive. There have been some studies to show that the games can get addictive in some cases, but not everyone is affected by them. It is important to consider whether they are becoming addictive for you or someone you love first.

Addiction is normally associated with a chemical dependency on something, but some studies show that gaming can produce a chemical reaction in the brain which can therefore mean that the games can be considered to be addictive. However, not everyone believes this is the case.

... (more)

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