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Theresa May is not the Prime Minister who may...

By Estera V, published on Sep 13, 2016

A challenge facing a new head of the UK government today - the one for which Theresa May has been nominated for the Prime Minister - is to fulfill the British people's wish regarding the UK withdrawal from the EU. To bridge over difficulties of transition period, to minimize short-term losses, to have the migration problems resolved at last, and not to lose, under any circumstances, those opportunities that are now opening up in economic and social spheres - this is the work for a politician of Thatcher's style.

Judging by her statements on the UK security and foreign policy... (more)

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On Some Aspects of Lithuania's Energy Security

By Estera V, published on Aug 1, 2016

The main aim of Lithuanian energy strategy is directed on making the country 'Energetic Center of the World'. In the course of its implementation biofuel trading exchange, the GET Baltic gas exchange, as well as, the Litgrid (Lithuania-Sweden) and LitPol (Lithuania-Poland) Link power interconnections have been launched in Lithuania.

In the eyes of Lithuania's leadership, the main achievement of this strategy is Klaipeda liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal putting into operation, which has allegedly offered the opportunity to diversify gas supply and receive Gazprom discount... (more)

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