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Burn it Up

By Erinn Selkis, published on Jul 26, 2007

“It’s called Burn it Up for a Reason! You are just going to shrink in sizes!!” I listen to Debbie’ annoying voice on my Slim N Six exercise tape and I... get really pumped up! Yeah! Let’s do these exercises!!! Burn that fat! Squat and kick! Lunge and lift! And march it out! Hahaha yeah right. Let’s face it- us folks who have to exercise our asses off (literally) don’t actually ENJOY it, and if anyone tells you they do, they are big fat (pun intended) liars. I personally hate it. Oh, I pretend that it’s a great enjoyable part of my day, a real “high,” but if I... (more)


Seriously, Are you kidding?

By Erinn Selkis, published on Oct 7, 2006

I hate when people say “Oh my God, are you kidding?” after you tell them a story. It’s an automatic response that for an unknown reason we all feel that we have to say when we hear something interesting. But if we could see ourselves responding that way, we would most likely feel like complete idiots because unless the person you are talking to is a pathological liar, chances are he/she is not kidding. And if you are indeed talking to a pathological liar, the answer to “are you kidding?” will get you no further true information anyway…..One of these days I am going to say, “Yep.... (more)

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