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MLB Predictions 2010

By Eric Karlan, published on Apr 3, 2010

NATIONAL LEAGUE EAST: The Most Talented Division

ESPN’s simulation machine projected the Washington Nationals having a 1% chance of winning the hotly contest and vastly talented National League East – that is 1% more than the odds they gave the Florida Marlins of winning. This is why technology is unreliable: the Marlins are primed for a division title.

This declaration should not be shocking in the slightest. How soon we forget that the Marlins finished a mere six games back in the division that ultimately produced the National League pennant winner. Had their expansion mates... (more)

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LOST Recap: Episode 5

By Eric Karlan, published on Mar 26, 2010

After initially thinking, “wow, they spent a little too much screen time in the Canary Islands,” I talked with my buddy Jay for a half hour and hashed out some thoughts about the overall mythology and direction of the show. Needless to say, I realized my much deeper appreciation for this episode through that conversation.

Who are Jacob and the Man in Black?

Jacob is not God – but the Man in Black may be some equivalent to the Devil. After listening to Jacob’s cryptic explanation of the Island and his relationship with the Man in Black, using a bottle of elixir and a cork as props,... (more)

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LOST Recap: Episode 5

By Eric Karlan, published on Mar 4, 2010

Confounded frustration after "The Lighthouse," I neglected to write a recap for episode 4 - but LOST redeemed itself this past Tuesday with "Sundown," clearly (at least in my mind) and finally establishing the foundation for the final battle to come.

While we do not know the precise motivations or implications of this 'final battle,' it inevitably will be centered around The Island - the inanimate character in the show that has intrigued us since the very first episode in the series, and the thing that Smokie ironically (in my mind) claimed 'does not need protecting.' If this show is... (more)

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LOST - Recap of

By Eric Karlan, published on Feb 19, 2010

In the middle of "The Substitute," my friend texted me in complete shock at the blasphemous blooper in continuity Lost had committed: in the Sideways dimension, it was warm weather in Australia when Oceanic took off, and it was warm in Los Angeles after the plane landed. What were they thinking!?

Okay, maybe that was not the most shocking part about this week's episode.

Kidding aside, "The Substitute" packed a serious punch. In the wake of "What Kate Does," which left fans fuming and wondering whether or not this show was going to answer any questions, this third episode has raised... (more)


LOST - Recap of Episode 2

By Eric Karlan, published on Feb 10, 2010

While "What Kate Does" does not exactly provide us with any Island-sinking answers (ba doom, ch), it does illuminate some of the bigger questions Losties may have about, well, what the heck is going on. Rather than recapping the episode, let me offer up some theories based on what I took out of tonight's episode.

I do NOT read spoilers, so this is not giving anything away for yet-to-be-aired episodes.

Smokie was Christian before he was Locke: I postulated this toward the conclusion of Season 5, but tonight's episode solidified this theory in my mind. Here's my train of thought...

... (more)

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An Unthinkable Shooting Range

By Eric Karlan, published on Jan 5, 2010

It sounds like the beginning of a bad Family Guy breakaway...

"That sounds as stupid as that one time those basketball players pulled unloaded guns on each other..."

Then the show cuts away from the central storyline (or general lack thereof most of the time) and everyone watches as animated depictions of Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton in the Washington Wizards locker room pull unloaded firearms on each other over an expensive card gambling dispute.

It sounds so ridiculous and absurd that you may actually have the inkling to laugh - until you remember that this isn't... (more)

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The Eve of the Playoffs

By Eric Karlan, published on Dec 21, 2009

'Tis the eve of the playoffs, and oh boy what a scene,

Still thirteen teams trying to earn Game Seventeen,

The Chargers and Vikings and Eagles have berths,

And the Colts, Saints, and Cards have all proven their worth,

But with six spots remaining and two weeks to play,

Who will survive to compete one more day?

The NFC only has three teams to choose,

With two wild card invites for team ball clubs to lose,

Barring collapses of epic proportions,

Even Dallas won't suffer December contortions,

For the Cowboys and Packers... (more)

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The Halladay Gift That Will Keep On Giving

By Eric Karlan, published on Dec 17, 2009

What no one realized during the heat of trade season was that it would ultimately take holiday season to commence Halladay season in Philadelphia. And here at Ground Zero, the arrival of 'Number 34' has left most of my fellow Phillies fanatics grumbling and scratching their heads.

As I gauge my compatriots' reactions, I am also left scratching my head. How can anyone think this blockbuster was a bad deal for the two-time defending National League champions?

The fact that Philadelphians lament this trade on any level is a testament to how superhuman Cliff Lee was during this most... (more)


Another Dismal Dallas December

By Eric Karlan, published on Dec 16, 2009

In most ways, December in Dallas is just like the last month of the year in any other American city. In the state where everything is bigger, holiday shopping checkout lines and discounts are Texas-sized. Christmas still comes on December 25th, and despite the inhospitable habitat for reindeer, Rudolph and the gang still drop Santa off at every rooftop across D-Town. There will be parties for hosting, marshmallows toasting, and caroling - not out in the snow.

Yet, despite most of the season's wonderfulness, Dallas rues the 31 days of December more than Whoville resents The Grinch. In... (more)

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The Bowl Half Full

By Eric Karlan, published on Dec 10, 2009

When the announcement that everyone expected was finally spoken, just about everyone who was listening from Idaho to Texas to, well, everywhere in the United States, uttered the same exasperated sound: "UGH!" Any noise that varied from this syllable probably conveyed some combination of expletives.

Every year, when officials announce the pairings for the five Bowl Championship Series games, the nation shares a collective moment of disappointment. Feeling cheated by the BCS system has evolved into a kneejerk reaction for sports fans across America. Like breathing and sleeping, it just... (more)

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