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Pre-Fire Planning Helps To Save Property and Lives

By EmilySmith, published on Aug 17, 2015

Planning well in advance can cast a huge difference in the outcome of a fire. By understanding the occupancy, layout and the construction in advance, the decision-making procedure of the fire department officials become streamlined and significantly more effective. A fire department official summarizes it perfectly. “Operational success is greatly enhanced by information gathered ahead of an incident.”

Usually, the fire department develops pre-fire plans for the bigger commercial buildings in a given area but the quality of such plans can vary significantly. Often with the smaller departments,... (more)


The Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Firefighter

By EmilySmith, published on Jul 24, 2015

There are upsides and downsides to everything, including being a firefighter. The job comes with small perks like getting respect from the civilians, helping others in times of emergency, etc.

A firefighter’s salary in the US falls in the $45K range, which is pretty decent. But the risks that come with the job make it intimidating. Minor injuries are very common, so are health risks due to smokes containing abrasive particles.

Can the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

We’ll discuss it here.

The advantages

The work environment requires all team members... (more)

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Types of Buildings that Firefighters Need to be Aware Of

By EmilySmith, published on Jul 8, 2015

Firefighters go through a rigorous training. A crucial part of their training is understanding the building types. This part is utterly important because a seasoned firefighter should be able to date a building and recognize tendencies indicating the building might collapse. Unless he’s accustomed to multiple building types, he can never pull off what’s expected from him.

Types of Buildings

There are five main types of buildings. We’ll discuss them at length, but before doing that, let’s feed ourselves with some useful information:

Recognizing a building type helps ventilate... (more)


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