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The Benefits Of Utilizing Online Banking

By emgreen, published on Dec 11, 2015

In the old days, almost all banking was done via pen and paper or through in-person visits to one's bank branch. This could make transferring or obtaining money difficult and sometimes even stressful. Today, banking is simpler than ever, thanks to the growing popularity of online banking.

Although online banking is more accessible than ever, with applications for both phone and computer use, some people are still reluctant to jump on the online banking bandwagon. Banking execs like Fahad AlRajaan frequently tout the benefits of doing one's banking online, but some people still seem to... (more)


Why Do So Many Companies Seek Bankruptcy?

By emgreen, published on Dec 5, 2015

The number of companies involved in bankruptcy proceedings has somewhat increased, despite a fairly healthy stock market and growing economy. One of the factors that has had a serious effect many companies is a drop in crude oil prices. Some lenders have also tightened their requirements, making troubled companies less likely to borrow money.

Why Do Attorneys and Restructuring Professionals Matter?

Companies faced with the prospect of bankruptcy frequently turn to attorneys like Suzzanne Uhland, who specialize in bankruptcy and restructuring. When companies file for bankruptcy,... (more)


Understanding Child Support Models

By emgreen, published on Dec 3, 2015

Because the methods for calculating child support vary by state, it’s easy to have misconceptions about your financial obligations and how child support is actually awarded.

While most states will look solely at the net or gross income of parents, the majority of states follow some variation of one of three models:

Percentage of Income Model

This model looks only at the income of the obligor (the noncustodial parent). If you live in a state that follows the Percentage of Income Model, a percentage of your income will be earmarked for child support. Alaska, Illinois, Nevada, and... (more)


Things That Can Impact You Getting A Loan

By emgreen, published on Nov 29, 2015

Getting a loan is not as simple as many people think as there are many things that the lender looks at. Whether you are applying for a bad credit loans in Austin, Texas or a home loan in Tampa, Florida there are some hoops to jump through. Some people do not know what people look at when they are considering giving you a loan. If you aren’t sure what lenders look at then keep on reading.

Bad Credit

Bad credit can follow you around for your entire life and can even prevent you from getting a loan to buy a home. The reasons this is looked at is lenders do not want to deal with someone... (more)


7 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Law Enforcement

By emgreen, published on Apr 1, 2014

But having a career in law enforcement can make your life incredibly fulfilling. It's definitely not for everybody, but if you can handle tough situations, you won't find many more rewarding careers out there. Here's some of the main reasons people pursue careers in law enforcement.

Save Lives

You don't want a job where you feel meaningless in your everyday life. You want to do something that excites you and makes you feel like you have a purpose. As a police officer, you could save somebody's life every day you're out on duty. From pulling a victim out of a burning car to providing... (more)


Hot at Home: 5 Ways to Stay Warm in the Winter Months

By emgreen, published on Mar 5, 2014

Prepare Your Home

The first step to staying warm when cold weather hits is to get your home ready for winter. Start by closing off rooms you don't use and putting magnetic covers over the heat registers in closed off rooms. This keeps heated air only in the rooms you use. Weather strip and seal your windows, and lay rugs on wood and tile floors. Make sure windows that get direct sunlight are draft-free so you can keep curtains open to let in as much of its warmth as possible.

Use Your Kitchen's Heat

Bake a pie or slow-roast some meat, and let the warm and scented air circulate around... (more)

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