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Are You Gay???

By Ellis Jane, published on Apr 3, 2008

Were you to get a Delorean up to eighty-eight miles per hour with plutonium and 1.21 jigawats of power, and you happened to visit Canada in the 1950's, you had better not have an unusually strong affinity for Judy Garland or the color purple. In 1950, the Canadian Civil Service built a "Fruit Machine" to aid in the detection of gays. Now while this may sound ridiculous to our "modern" society to use a tricorder-like device to diagnose sexual preference, the notion of "gaydar" is something still prevalent in our day to day existence.

Gaydar, to which is alluded or mentioned in shows... (more)

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When Men Come Between Women

By Ellis Jane, published on Mar 25, 2008

The Romans believed that the fourth finger of the left hand was the beginning of the "veina amoris" - a "vein of love" leading directly to the heart. Tradition since then has held that women place a ring on the aforementioned finger promptly following an accepted proposal of marriage. Modern mores also require said women flaunt their newly acquired precious gem for friends and strangers to offer congratulations, while anyone in the ring's presence is bewitched into shrieking and leaping around like their primate cousins offered bananas.

I have anticipated this day for... (more)

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