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Petrino Elopes with Arkansas

By El_Che, published on Dec 18, 2007

The Atlanta Falcons have been hit with many scandals as of late and it has made me a fan of the team and their new unscripted reality TV drama. Besides the Michael Vick storyline and the usual hoodlum behavior of the team members, which I find greatly clichéd and trite, their ex-coach, Mr. Petrino, snuck out of town like a thief in the night leaving a “Dear John” letter in the team’s locker room. Shocked and dismayed the jilted team members replaced his signature with “coward” before going out to denounce their former coach and mentor as a lying scoundrel. Apparently, Petrino had... (more)

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The politics of compassion

By El_Che, published on May 24, 2007

Nearly 4 years ago, on 23 October 2003, a suicide car bomber attacked the International Red Cross building in Baghdad, killing scores of Iraqis. The words slip from my keyboard like so many other headlines that we have all read and have become numb too. However, I have a special connection to this explosion and this place, so the shock of what happened hurts my soul to this day. As an American soldier, who took part in the operations at the beginning of the war, my unit was tasked with operating in the neighborhood where the explosion occurred. In fact my small squad of men was tasked,... (more)


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