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Celebrate Your Day of Love with Gold

By Ekta Singh, published on Dec 14, 2015

There is an age old saying that marriages are made in heaven but celebrated on Earth. Well, it holds completely true. In every marriage, whether love or arranged there comes a day when one discovers true feelings for his or her partner. It is the day when little things in one’s life become special and that day is your day of love. Gifting your loved one a gift of their choice is the best way to celebrate the day. For husbands, gifting wife a piece of jewellery is a perfect way to celebrate that special day. They can choose from amazing jewellery pieces available in gold, silver, platinum and... (more)

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When should you NOT wear your diamond ring

By Ekta Singh, published on Oct 21, 2015

A diamond ring is a priceless possession and you deserve to flaunt it all the time. Although flaunting it too much can also catch the attention of a snatcher. So you should avoid wearing your ring to places which have a notorious reputation for being unsafe. But that is not the only time you should take your ring off. We discuss a few examples of times when you should not wear your ring to keep the ever-shining gem as bright as ever.

1)Putting on make-up

Diamond rings for women in Delhi are generally a way to add to their beauty and stature…and so is make up. But it is necessary... (more)

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