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Top 10: The Ultimate Travel Bucket List

By EffieHerdman, published on Jan 5, 2016

With the New Year just beginning, it’s a great time to start afresh and to reflect on how far we’ve come and what else we’d like to accomplish. We aren’t going to live forever, so it’s important to make the most of the holidays we are lucky to experience now. Here are, what I think, are some of the most amazing places to visit in the world, why not see if you can start ticking them off your bucket list in 2016!

Escape to the Northern Lights

The Aurora Borealis are undoubtedly one of nature’s most beautiful displays, with a muse of green, yellow and blue hues all scattered across... (more)

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Top 4 Benefits of Telemarketing

By EffieHerdman, published on Dec 16, 2015

1. Cost Effective

Telemarketing has a monetary benefit as it would cost about five times more to send out a sales representative to make a sale in person than it would if the same deal was closed on the phone. Although telemarketing has a higher cost than direct mail, it is a lot more effective when it comes to generating sales, and so this outweighs the slight con of it costing a little bit more.

2. Information Gathering

Using telemarketing is a great way to gather information by conducting surveys, they allow you to obtain information about your target markets. You’re... (more)

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Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer

By EffieHerdman, published on Dec 10, 2015

It Saves You Money

You might think that hiring an interior designer will cost you a whole lot more and a bit of DIY interior design is actually the answer but it’s not. If you decide to redecorate your house yourself you might make a few mistakes and end up not spending your money very wisely. You might make mistakes like severely overpaying for stuff, buying items that don’t really go with the overall feel and design of your house or hiring untrustworthy or incapable tradesmen that might do more harm than good. Interior designers have already encountered all of these problems and more,... (more)

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Glass Extensions: What Your Garden Is Missing

By EffieHerdman, published on Dec 2, 2015

Frameless glass extensions are the modern, contemporary alternative to boring, old conservatories. When you think of conservatories you might not have the best picture in mind, maybe that super-cold, almost-outside room in the winter and the sauna-like glass house in the summer or the ugly white framed structure stuck onto the back of your grandparent’s house. Despite these connotations you can’t knock the practicality of conservatories, it’s another room that’s not quite outside but it’s also not quite inside either, it’s usable all year round and perfect for almost anything. Come wind, rain... (more)

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6 Tips and Tricks for Using Spray Paint

By EffieHerdman, published on Nov 13, 2015

You can use spray paint for a lot of things whether you’re upcycling an old piece of furniture or creating a great work of graffiti art. Spray paint is also super easy to use all you need to do is point and spray but everyone technique can be improved a little with a few tips and tricks.

1. Use a Handle

It will improve your spray painting experience dramatically, it will prevent you from getting paint all over your hands so you won’t have to be scrubbing at your hands for days afterwards to try to remove the remnants of your project. Without a handle you might also get cramp in... (more)

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Why You Should Get Your Dog Professionally Groomed

By EffieHerdman, published on Nov 9, 2015

There is a lot more to grooming than just making your dog look presentable by brushing through its fur once in a while, regular grooming is essential for your dog’s health and wellbeing. As each breed of dog is different they all have slightly different needs when it comes to grooming, so it’s a great idea to take your dog to a professional groomer who will have all of the right knowledge and experience to groom your dog properly.

Here are the top 4 reasons why you should get your dog professionally groomed…

Prevent Skin Conditions

Tending to a dogs’ coat is extremely important... (more)

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