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Should we still eat less salt?

By edtusox, published on Nov 11, 2011

New research says eating less salt doesn't benefit our overall health, our dietitian Tracy Parker unpicks the findings.

Eating too much salt is bad for your blood pressure. That’s the advice that you’ll regularly get from dietitian’s like me. However, new research out today suggests reducing the amount of salt – or specifically sodium - you eat may not be as good for your overall health as we thought.

So what exactly does the study say?

Well researchers looked at the findings from lots of previous studies (known as meta-analysis into blood pressure). By combining the... (more)

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Gay penguins to be separated and forced to breed

By edtusox, published on Nov 9, 2011

Two male African penguins which have formed a same sex partnership with one another at Toronto Zoo are to be separated and encouraged to mate with females.

With Pedro and Buddy’s species on the brink of extinction, Tom Mason, curator of birds and invertebrates, insists that the zoo cannot afford to let a season go by without the pair passing on their genes.

“If [Pedro and Buddy] weren’t genetically important, then we’d let them do their thing,” Mr Mason explained.

The plight of Buddy, 20, and Pedro, 10, has caused something of an outcry in Canada. The birds, both bred in... (more)

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How Many Passwords Do You Use?

By edtusox, published on Nov 1, 2011

There are, at my last estimate, between ten and 20 internet companies with the power to ruin my life. I suspect you have a similar tally. These companies — some of which I trust, some of which I don’t, many of which I barely even recall — are the companies that know my secure password.

My internet passwords follow a simple method. It is a method that many technology companies are now strongly advising against, but I know of no one with a very different method. It is this: for websites I trust, and that hold important information, I have a secure — that is, hard to guess — password.... (more)


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