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Dealing With Business IT Downtime

By Editor, published on Mar 27, 2017

If your business has more than a handful of employees and more than a handful using computers to do their work, it’s clear you’re one of the many businesses heavily dependent on the use of their IT. Yet many don’t consider that said dependence can also be a vulnerability to the business. Where downtime is concerned, losing your tools, your data and your very means of doing can be more than a temporary dilemma. It can put your business in existential danger. So, here’s how you deal with that downtime.


Always have a backup

Prevention is obviously the best method... (more)


What Can We Learn From The Airport Business Model?

By Editor, published on Mar 24, 2017

The majority of people see airports as a transportation venue, like a train or bus station, but for commercial planes. What we don’t tend to think about is that airports are actually businesses looking to make money. There are big business fat cats behind the scenes constantly look at different ways in which they can make their airports profitable.

So, how do they do it? This is what we will concern ourselves with in the following article. We want to show you how most airports make their money. Why? Because it’s actually extremely interesting as not a lot of people think about this topic... (more)


Volkswagen Keep Their Cards Close To Their Chest On Fuel Eco

By Editor, published on Mar 23, 2017

The Volkswagen Group has had a very bumpy ride over the past two years to say the least, but things are finally starting to look up for the European auto giant. As it reported in its annual press conference last week, record-breaking sales of 10.3million vehicles in 2016 show that it’s made a pretty healthy recovery following the Dieselgate scandal. However, many who are following the global auto industry say that the company shouldn’t relax just yet.

Image: Wikimedia

At the conference, representatives and board members of Volkswagen Group congratulated themselves on their... (more)


4 Of The Most Unusual Sports On The Planet

By Editor, published on Mar 23, 2017

All most people hear at this time of the year is soccer this or cricket that; it’s like only two sports exist. Well, we are here to tell you that more than two exist, and some of them are weird! Yes, some of them are downright strange, and that’s what makes them so appealing. So, if you’re bored of the traditional, tried and tested sports, it's time you took a look at the following. These could revolutionise the way you watch and participate. If they don’t, well then, at least it’s a good read!

Scooter Racing

Everyone has seen Formula One cars are Moto GP bikes race across the... (more)


Healthcare Companies Breaking New Markets

By Editor, published on Mar 23, 2017

It’s no secret that the healthcare industry is about to undergo a significant transformation. For years healthcare has been done on a kind of “trial and error” basis where drugs were discovered by process of elimination. Although that process has led to some powerful treatments that have extended life, it’s been clear for a while that a better approach - one that actually tries to understand disease processes - is needed.

Now, with the rise of information technology, that better approach may be upon us. Companies from all over the tech and medical sectors are hiring and investing in... (more)


Hazardous Substances At Work: What To Do If You Think You’ve Been Poisoned

By Editor, published on Mar 23, 2017

Image Source

Health and safety is pretty tight nowadays, but with new chemicals constantly being developed and effects often only showing up after long-term exposure, you can never be completely safe when working with hazardous substances. If you believe that you may be suffering from chemical poisoning, here are is the action you should take.

The symptoms

Depending on the substance, symptoms will vary. Generally if you’re feeling light-headed, queasy, are suffering from headaches or have noticed an unnecessarily fast/uneven heart rate, this should... (more)


Online Booking Systems: What Are They & How Do They Work?

By Editor, published on Mar 20, 2017

When moving your business online, it's important to be able to keep your administration clean and simple. A good online booking system is the key to running a successful booking service for any company, establishment or center. While good, old-fashioned pen and paper book-keeping may have its charms, an online booking system helps you reduce costs, keep customers satisfied, and develop an overall excellent business administration technique.

The What & How

Most people have most likely visited an online booking website at least a couple of times in their lives. You simply go... (more)


Benefits of using an HR management software like greytHR

By Editor, published on Mar 16, 2017

greytHR is an integrated HR and payroll software that allows you to automate a number of processes that lead to considerable time and effort investments when performed manually. Being a cloud-based HR management software, it offers you security, near-zero downtime and anytime, anywhere user access. The following are greytHR’s key functionalities and associated benefits, as one of the best HR and payroll software available online:

Payroll Processing: HR statutory compliance is a key concern in the Indian market. 100% compliant with Indian statutory laws, greytHR’s HR and payroll software... (more)


Apple Stock (AAPL): What Does 2017 Hold?

By Editor, published on Mar 15, 2017

Apple is one of the largest and most famous technology brands in the world, constantly introducing fresh products and dominating a highly competitive market. You’d think this would make it one of the safest bets for any investor, but many experts believe its stocks and shares have been underperforming for a few years now.

There is something of a split opinion from a lot of analysts, with many believing 2017 will be Apple stock’s make or break year. If things go the company’s way, then it could be set for increased growth and offer an excellent investment opportunity. On the other hand,... (more)


Are Banks Taking Security Seriously Enough?

By Editor, published on Mar 15, 2017

Cyber security experts have revealed that hackers used the source code from a banking Trojan previously released on the Dark Web to create their own version. They embedded the code in two legitimate weather apps and released them into the Google Play Store. The Trojan was configured to show fake online banking login screens. Malware was also able to by-pass two-step authentication processes.

A recent report by the Internet Registry SIDN discovered that only 6% of online banking websites were using Domain Name System Security Extensions; this was significantly behind other industries.

... (more)


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