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DIY Handcrafted Mini Succulent Centerpieces Wedding Decor

By Editor, published on Nov 30, 2016

The flower décor is the main attraction of your wedding, from the floral runners to the flower petal, everything sets a pleasing scenery that adorns the reception tables to the wedding aisle. Keeping these fresh and beautiful flowers to decorate the venue, the arrangements may appear good for a day or two but unfortunately, the freshness will not last long and these gorgeous blooms have a fleeing time. However, the succulents can find a new life. Don't go for the instant options always, you can create your own succulent pieces using your ideas, creativity and a simple habit of eco-friendly... (more)


What You Need To Know About Bicycle Accidents

By Editor, published on Nov 29, 2016

In 2015, bicycle injures increased over 12 percent to reach one of their highest levels in history.

The issue is especially acute in parts of California and other areas where cycling is not as common, especially among commuters and everyday travelers. Among driving habits, distracted driving may be the leading culprit, according to Kate Kraft, America Walk's executive director. Infrastructure may be to blame as well, as the Government Accountability Office points out that many roads, with their wide lanes and curve-less design, were designed to move vehicle traffic quickly and not to... (more)


Transform the Wedding Space with Simple but Attractive Ideas

By Editor, published on Nov 29, 2016

Thinking about the wedding cards, greeting the guests, wedding dresses, catering are something seems so essential but the venue and reception décor is also necessary. If you want to organize your wedding in a town, your reception venue needs to be personalized. Transformation reception space ideas. Candles, flowers, floral runner, outdoor reception are some favorite things to decorate the space and transform it fully. There is no requirement to spend a fortune on it. You can try out:

Hire a hall

Hire a local hall and transform the hall with your creativity and decorative ideas.... (more)


California Divorce Overview

By Editor, published on Nov 28, 2016

Regardless of the names on the petitions, all California marriage dissolution actions go through the family courts. California is a pure no-fault state, so irreconcilable differences is the only ground for divorce, other than legal and incurable insanity.

No-fault divorces require no evidence of adultery, abandonment, cruel treatment, or other fault. Basically, the petitioners do not have to say why they want divorces. Even if the respondents claim that the couple's differences are not necessarily irreconcilable, as the old saying goes, "it takes two to tango," and if one spouse wants... (more)


What You Need To Know About Car Accidents

By Editor, published on Nov 28, 2016

The first thing to know about car accidents is what to call them.

A growing number of people, including Mark Rosekind of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, believe that since trains wreck and ships sink, cars should crash. A word like “accident” implies no fault, he opined, and only about 6 percent of car crashes are caused by defective products, bad weather, or other factors completely beyond the operator’s control. Mr. Rosekind may be leading the charge, but others are following.

Earlier this year, Nevada lawmakers voted to replace “accident” with “crash” in... (more)


Phil Hellmuth Named Greatest Poker Player Ever

By Editor, published on Nov 28, 2016

Every poker aficionado will have their own opinion on who the greatest poker player of all time is. Greatness cannot be measured in tournament winning alone. Poker is such a complex, versatile game, which brings together players with such differing personalities and from all kinds of social backgrounds – it would be unfair to call someone the greatest of all time, simply because they have cashed the most cheques.

Do you go for the celebrity stature of Phil Ivey, female pioneers like Barbra Enright or Venessa Selbst, the unhinged genius of Stu Ungar, a student of the game like Daniel... (more)


These Things Can Get in the Way of Your Homeownership Dreams

By Editor, published on Nov 24, 2016

Owning a home is the ultimate dream for many people. Home ownership rates in the US are higher than they are in many other countries, even though the number has fallen recently. There are many benefits to owning a home, although there are also drawbacks. You have more control over the property and an asset that will eventually belong entirely to you. It's a useful investment for raising a family or planning for retirement. However, buying a home isn't always easy. There can be some huge challenges to overcome.

Saving a Down Payment

Many people struggle to save the down payment... (more)


Make A Killing With Your Favorite Sporting Activity

By Editor, published on Nov 23, 2016

Pixabay Image

Have you ever thought about turning your favorite sporting activity into a money making machine? You can, and a lot of people make a fortune, simply by participating in their favorite hobby on a daily basis. There are many advantages to this particular life choice. First, you can forget about a full-time job. If you get this right, there will be no need to work another day in your boring office. So, let’s look at some of the ideas and tips that you need to be aware of.

Do It Loud, Do It Proud

If you want to make money from your favourite sporting activity,... (more)


Aussie Rules: Why Australia Is Best Country to Watch Sports

By Editor, published on Nov 23, 2016

Sports fans: if you haven’t been to Australia yet, why not? Watching fantastic sporting events is pretty much an Aussie national pastime - perhaps more so than in any other country. While Australia hasn’t had much success on the pitch or court in recent years, it hasn't dampened any of the enthusiasm of the spectators. In fact, we reckon that there is nowhere else better than Down Under to sit back, relax, and watch any sport in the best possible conditions. Here are a few reasons why you need to add it to your bucket list.

Kevin Tostado

The weather

Australia and... (more)


Bridal Beauty Tips & Ideas for Every Season

By Editor, published on Nov 22, 2016

Weddings are meant to decorate and beautify the things either it is wedding card or wedding venue. As we have already started talking about the wedding, let me clear one thing, every bride wants to look beautiful on this special day. As Seasons come and go, every season have a specific nature, like spring to bloom, winter to fall the snow, we need to prepare ourselves according to seasons either it is summer or fall.

Brides need to take proper care that in which season her wedding will take place. It can be either winter, fall, summer, or spring. Your beautiful skin requires extra care... (more)


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