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Using a Calling Card to Reduce Costs on International and Domestic Calls

By Editor, published on Nov 6, 2017

Though it is true that calling cards can be used for making phone calls to domestic destinations, yet they are said to be more useful when used for making calls to international places, especially while you’re traveling to places abroad. You may buy calling cards either online from vendors like NobelCom or you may even get them in person from convenience stations or gas stations, airport terminals and even in vending machines. You’ll be rather happy to know that calling cards are available at a denomination which is as less as $5 but the value of the card is as high as hundreds of dollars.... (more)


5 Things to Remember About Managing Your Credit

By Editor, published on Nov 6, 2017

Credit cards are invaluable resources in the modern age. They provide your business with financing to cover short-term expenses, big-ticket purchases, or to simply assist with cash flow. When managed properly, credit cards are useful tools in your business resource kit. Managing credit is your #1 priority with all lines of credit. We will delve into the 5 most important things to remember about effective credit card management.

Protect Your Credit Score – your credit score is a three-digit number used by lenders, creditors, insurance companies, banks, and other institutions to... (more)


How To Use Goal Flow Reports In Analytics To Understand The Conversion Funnel

By Editor, published on Nov 3, 2017

Businesses that use a flowchart in order to conduct their business are often more successful than many other companies. If you know exactly what your business is doing in terms of sales and advertising, you will be able to generate better profits year after year. When a goals flow chart is produced on a regular basis, the reports can be used to modify what are called conversion funnels. This is how the potential customer is taken through the sales process, all the way to the purchase of the product. Here is how goals flow reports in analytics can be used to improve conversion funnels to increase... (more)


Effective Ways To Build A Sustainable Business

By Editor, published on Nov 2, 2017

As a business owner, you will likely be concerned about the success of your business. Your business plan will centre around getting the maximum profit for your business with the best people on board to help. Many companies don’t understand the deeper meaning of the word sustainability, even if they say they strive to be one. A sustainable company is one that ensures they act in a way that is financially, socially and environmentally concerned with the way their business is presented to others. The trouble is that the pathway to sustainability isn’t always easy in business.

Image... (more)


Your Kitchen and Your Home's Value

By Editor, published on Oct 31, 2017

Your home, to paraphrase the saying, is where your heart is. But as we all know, it’s also where a good chunk of your net worth is! Unless you’re planning on staying in your home for life (and even if you are - after all, you’ll have an estate and heirs someday), you’ll want to manage your home’s value over time. That means making sure that routine maintenance keeps your home in great shape, investing in quality repairs and improvements, and making an effort to ensure that your space stays up to date. You may not think of your home in quite the same way that you think about the cash in your... (more)


Top Tips for Effectively Growing Your Contractor Business

By Editor, published on Oct 30, 2017

Being a contractor is not for everyone. It requires a good eye for detail and the right skills – but it’s more than this; there’s employees, planning, budgeting, and contractors insurance issues to juggle. If you are a contractor who is looking to grow their business, you need to make sure that you’re on top of everything and that the service you provide exceeds your customers’ expectations. But since there is a lot of competition out there, it can be a challenge to get ahead. Here, then, are some top tips for effectively growing your contractor business.

Always follow best practices

... (more)


How To Scan Your WordPress Website for Malware

By Editor, published on Oct 28, 2017

How malicious code can hurt your website

It will be fair to admit that over the last few years the malware business on the internet has been growing constantly. Nowadays, hacking websites is a niche service that you can get online for a certain price. But we will not talk about how to hack someone’s website, we will see what we can do with the website malware and malicious code in your WordPress website.

Sometimes, when you get a theme on some marketplace from a random author, you feel like you’ve got yourself a new Camaro, but the reality is cruel and the appearance of the template... (more)


Why Exchange of Contracts Is Vital When Buying or Selling a Property

By Editor, published on Oct 28, 2017

Buying and selling a property can elicit an overwhelming experience to both parties involved in the transaction. Unless the deal has been closed, either the buyer or the seller can be under a lot of stress. To ensure that the agreement is legally binding, exchange of contracts should be properly executed.

What is Exchange of Contracts?

There are several things to consider when buying or selling a property. One of the key points to reckon with is the exchange of contracts. Exchange of contracts is the process wherein both the buyer and the seller of the property settle the agreement... (more)


Everything to Know About Bitcoin without Getting Afraid

By Editor, published on Oct 28, 2017

The world seems to have gone bitcoin crazy in 2017. If you are worried you are being left behind, fear not – this brief guide will get you up to speed.

So, what exactly is bitcoin? While it’s called a crypto-currency, that term might be a little misleading. Bitcoins are quite simply digital assets. That means it only exists in digital form. Bitcoins are nothing more than code which, with the help of a sophisticated digital ledger system called the blockchain, cannot be reproduced or duplicated.

Image source: Pixabay

To understand bitcoin, you really need to understand... (more)


5 Tips For The Perfect Prom Night

By Editor, published on Oct 27, 2017

For a lot of high schoolers, prom is a pinnacle experience to have. This is the night you’ve been waiting for, one where you can ask that special someone out or make some memories with friends. All-in-all, this is one event you want to get right the first time, which is why I’ve outlined a few helpful tips to make this night the best it can be. Check them out below:

Getting Stylish

One of the first things you need to do in getting ready for prom is to look and feel stylish. After all, this is the one night of your high school career where you’re expected to look your best, so... (more)


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