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Memorial Diamonds: An Innovative Approach to Remembering a Loved One

By Editor, published on Oct 3, 2017

A memorial diamond is a thing of beauty. Made of human ashes, its value goes beyond people’s basic understanding. That’s because nothing matters more to a human being than capturing the essence of their beloved in a genuine memorial diamond.

A memorial diamond inserted in an Engagement ring

Commonly known as a cremation diamond, these beautiful jewels can make the perfect gift for someone special in your life. Created in a gemological lab, there are more types you can consider, including pet ashes to diamonds, hair diamonds, and more. Free from any type of unstable chemicals,... (more)


5 Tips for effective advertising on Instagram

By Editor, published on Oct 1, 2017

Instagram has evolved and emerged as a complete yet diverse platform. Growing at an overwhelming rate, this social networking platform now boasts over 700 million active monthly users. Apart from that, Instagram also boasts an extremely active and highly engaged community.

Instagram which was once used for socializing purposes solely, has now emerged as the most promising prospect for social media marketing.

Subject to its current growth, accommodating algorithms, high engagement and increase in functionality, Instagram is now a vital element of any social media marketing strategy.

... (more)


How Cloud ERP Can Benefit Multi-Regional Companies

By Editor, published on Oct 1, 2017

Internal infrastructure is critically important to the success of large companies. An organization with excellent organizational software is likely going to be much more productive than one that uses outdated programs. This is where cloud ERP software comes into play. Cloud ERP systems are completely changing how companies are able to conduct business by unleashing previously unseen potential. Here’s how cloud ERP can benefit multi-regional companies.

What Is Cloud ERP Software?

ERP, or enterprise resource planning, is a system that helps businesses organize data and integrate... (more)


How to Calculate Start Up Cost for Laundromat Business

By Editor, published on Oct 1, 2017

Starting and operating a business is a large component of the American Dream, with more than 28 million businesses currently conducting business in the United States. However, many people don't have enough time to contribute to business endeavors, not wishing to leave their current occupations, spend extensive time away from family members, and deal with difficult decision making outside of their regular lives. One way of circumventing these very real possibilities is through creating a business that yields passive income, with little to no intervention from its owners.

One such way... (more)


How to Get More from Social Media Marketing

By Editor, published on Sep 27, 2017

You can’t have a marketing campaign without it, can you? Social media swiftly took over the marketing world. And yes, if you’re not active on these platforms you’re hurting your business.

But with a new feature it’s easy to make mistakes.

Here’s how you can get more from social media marketing without too many failures along the way.

What do You Want to get out?

Before you implement new strategies you must form goals. Having a goal is relevant to any part of business but it’s often forgotten in social media marketing.

You don’t want to simply be PRESENT... (more)


How Images and Design Impact Child Education

By Editor, published on Sep 27, 2017

We manage to ruin one of the most important parts of people’s lives.

Child education is the time when foundations must be lain. Unfortunately these foundations are often flawed.

Teachers struggle to accurately communicate new concepts. Children are bored instead of amazed at new information.

There are people who experience more successful teaching. Often additional mediums are mentioned as being effective.

Humans are made to enjoy many senses. Why do we expect children to simply read and listen?

The use of images during child education can add benefits for... (more)


How Mobile Recycling Is Changing Technology

By Editor, published on Sep 27, 2017

The world is inhabited by seven million people who are all producing waste. For instance, the UK alone produces in excess of 100 million tonnes of trash on a daily basis day, which is thrown out to landfills. Of all this trash, only about 35% is recycled. If the statistics are anything to go by, global warming will increase at alarming rates, and the earth will soon be uninhabitable. Cell phones are amongst the waste products disposed of by people each day. Recycling phones helps to conserve valuable materials. It is also a great way to prevent water and air pollution. The main question is-... (more)


What Are the Uses of a Brochure and Are They Expensive?

By Editor, published on Sep 25, 2017

With the growth of the internet, it would be a mistake to think that everything has gone online. In fact, companies are still getting great results with using colour brochures to provide information, a list of their products or services, and to develop a better relationship with their customers.

Here are a few uses of brochures that help businesses promote and sell.

Programmes for Sale at Operas and Theatre

For owners of theatre venues and opera houses, brochures are an excellent way to feature details about the lead, the other performers, and the history behind the production.... (more)


Trump And His War Against Immigration

By Editor, published on Sep 25, 2017


With approximately 43.3 million immigrants currently living in the US, a significant amount of the US’s population isn’t, technically, American. The topic of immigration and immigrants has been batted around the country since before Trump began his campaign. It has only been since his election to President that the feelings towards immigrants have resulted in violence, riots and protests from both sides of the argument.

Hate crimes, based on race and religions rose immediately after Trump's election with over 1,000 crimes committed with bias being reported within... (more)


Seven Romantic Places in Paris Tourists Don’t Know About

By Editor, published on Sep 23, 2017

The city of lovers, the city of light, and the gray rose – Paris has many different names. The capital of France is really impressive, and the endless stream of tourists is a clear confirmation of this. But there are places that most travelers don’t know about. It’s there that you can feel the authentic France. We have collected most romantic places to stay in Paris.

Musee Marmottan Monet

If the Louvre scares you with hundreds of tourists, you can visit other museums. They are no less interesting. The Marmottan Monet Museum has a rich history. Originally it was a hunting house... (more)


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