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Green Florals to Add Naturalness in Wedding Celebration

By Editor, published on Dec 28, 2016

Last week it is announced by the Pantone, Greenery decoration is the biggest trend for the year 2017. Selecting green color, green flowers add extra sophistication and natural appearance to your wedding. it's exciting for the wedding trendsetters and planners to use the beautiful and bright color to the wedding events.

Green reside whole year in the form of leaves, grass, nature and from the upcoming year. It is officially set to be a trending color everywhere. As the deep understanding of the nature and its impact is enhancing, people are coming forward with the latest ideas to use... (more)


Exciting Travel Choices That Cover Every Budget

By Editor, published on Dec 27, 2016

Traveling, seeing the world, and experiencing new adventures should be something we all enjoy. And it can be. Just because certain destinations seem experience, or others not all that indulgent, it doesn’t mean there is something for everyone all around the world. Regardless of your budget, you can travel, see new cultures and enjoy new experiences. So if you’ve been hoping to travel sometime soon, feel bored with the range of places that you’ve been to before, or just want to start thinking about where in the... (more)


Bug Bounties & Ethical Hackers

By Editor, published on Dec 27, 2016

In many ways, the fight for cybersecurity is like a war; a digital arms race between the protectors of your most valuable data and malicious hackers seeking to infiltrate your network. But as with any war, knowledge is the key to success. Which is why some companies hire white hat hackers to advise their organizations in building a safer environment for everyone. After all, the best way to catch a hacker, is to think like a hacker.

Digital Vigilantes

The legendary Chinese philosopher and military strategist Sun Tzu once said, “The general who wins the battle makes many calculations... (more)


Seven Tips To Become A Pokémon Go Expert

By Editor, published on Dec 26, 2016

After the huge success of games like Candy Crush Saga and Criminal Case, here's one game that has nailed it and become the most played game of 2016. Pokémon Go, that started in July 2016 has become everybody's favorite, within a month. Thanks to the uniqueness of the game.

The game uses your Mobile's GPS and camera and helps you capture Pokémon, which appear on your screens as real world characters. The developers of the game were smart when they merged the exclusiveness of being a location based game with everybody's favorite characters, the Pokémon. No wonder the game was a success.... (more)


SQL Injections: Advantage for An Attacker

By Editor, published on Dec 19, 2016

SQL injection consists insertion of SQL query from the client to the web application via the input data.

SQL injection is a security feat and a technique in which malicious users adds SQL code to web form input to get access to the data resources and make changes in it. SQL query is a request to perform actions on the database. These SQL injections can alter the entire database. Any malicious user can use SQL injections to attack the database and control the web application's database server to alter database or copy the whole source code from the web page. In some cases, it also issues... (more)


Getting Older Doesn't Stop You Living Life And Here's Why

By Editor, published on Dec 15, 2016

Some people have the opinion that getting older means life has to stop. However, some people that would argue the fact that life really does begin when you hit retirement age. Why do we have this fear of getting older and wanting to stay as young as we can? If we aren’t trying to change our looks to ensure we remain youthful looking, then we’re certainly not cementing plans in place to make sure that we have a happy retirement. Which is why I thought I would scratch the surface of the myth that life stops, and in fact provide you with a few benefits for getting older and what you can still... (more)


Four Entirely New Road Trips Just Waiting To Be Taken

By Editor, published on Dec 14, 2016

Exploration and trying something different is the essence of the road trip. But if you love road trips, you might find yourself going through the same experiences again and again. Add some fun back into it. Consider taking a road trip with a difference. In this article, we’ll look at a few of the best ways to really spice it up.

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Bike your way

If you’re organizing a big family road trip, then you will have to get used to the idea of being overly encumbered with all sorts of essentials to bring with you. If it’s just you or just you and a friend or a... (more)


Unhappy Couples: What Can Lead to a Divorce or Breakup?

By Editor, published on Dec 13, 2016

A marriage or relationship can, at times, feel like it’ll last forever. You and your partner tell each other that you’re both madly in love, that you want to spend your lives together, you want to grow old together, and that you’ll never be separated. Sadly, we don’t live in a fairytale world where everything goes right.

Source: Pexels

Problems, no matter how big or small, will always creep up and affect our relationships with our loved ones. Our partner can turn from someone we can’t imagine living life without, to someone we wish we had never met in the first place.... (more)


How To Find The Best Deals & Save Money On Your Next Holiday

By Editor, published on Dec 13, 2016


Planning a holiday is definitely an exciting thing to do, but it can also be quite stressful, and if you’re not careful and shopping around, then the money aspect can get out of control.

Although there are many great offers available through travel agents, websites, and even hotels and airlines direct, they sometimes only appear great on the surface until you dig a little deeper.

When it comes to travel, you have to be more savvy and actually look around in different places to ensure you get the best deals and can actually save money on your next trip, not... (more)


Life Is A Journey, Not A Destination: The Best Road Trips In The World

By Editor, published on Dec 13, 2016

Most commutes are necessary evils. Slowly driving to work through a myriad of traffic and red lights; sitting on a smothering tram on the way to a business meeting; driving on endless thirty miles per hour roads to get to the cinema to see “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”.

However, there are some occasions when the journey is the most enjoyable part of your day. Below is a list of road trips which will make you fall in love with endless highways and looking out the car window.

Route 66: United States of America

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

No list of the best road... (more)


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