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Financial housekeeping tips for everyone

By Editor, published on May 22, 2017

For many of us, financial housekeeping feels much like regular housekeeping – necessary but not very interesting. However, if you want to have some freedom in terms of how you live your life then a sound financial basis is key. Whether you’ve just left home or you’re looking to give your finances a spring clean, these tips will help you to get your money matters in order.

Learn to save

It’s not rocket science but saving is one of the most fundamental skills for good financial housekeeping because then you don't need to borrow money. Savings can be used to pay for key life events like... (more)


5 Amazing Self Storage Tips

By Editor, published on May 22, 2017

Self storage is a great option for many people in many scenarios including going home after university for the summer, going travelling, moving back home to save for a house deposit, having a baby, moving house, starting a business - the list is endless.

If you have already invested in additional storage there are lots of ways you can make it benefit you even more than it already does. Here are 5 amazing self storage tips to help you make the most of your space:

1. Declutter

It may seem obvious not to pay for space you don't need, but some people get so used to having extra... (more)


Child Seat Safety Recommendations

By Editor, published on May 22, 2017

Car accidents are according because the primary explanation for children's deaths within the u. s.. Thousands of kids below the age of twelve were disabled and died annually thanks to automobile crashes, and it's therefore unhappy to grasp that these accidents cannot be controlled and eliminated notwithstanding the driving force may be a skilled or professional driver. However there is still a chunk of fine news to it, that is, the risks of automobile accidents are often reduced by victimization the or proper kid safety seat.

The child safety care seat currently comes in an exceedingly... (more)


Notes From The Couch - Saved By The Dog

By Editor, published on May 22, 2017

I came back home recently to search out associate astonishing show of cut paper scattered across my lounge floor. Torn up remains of individuals Magazine, the previous week's big apple Times travel section different and several other shiny print mediums that I meant to examine at some future purpose resembled a merry and colorful array of paper. My plastic dog crates friendly environment for my feisty dog Charlie created his manner cautiously towards his crate together with his tail tucked between his legs, beseeching Maine together with his emotional brown eyes to please simply this once,... (more)


Frugality, The Road To Success

By Editor, published on May 18, 2017

We know, the contradictory to be true.

And that’s why it’s hard for people to achieve extreme wealth. Society has made us chase after material possessions that make us look rich but really, we’re not. We buy expensive cars, clothes and live in houses we can’t afford. This leads to credit card debt and we bury our graves with our own wallet. If there’s one technique I can give you to help build a financial fortress around yourself, it’s the act of frugality.

I know, the word frugal is not sexy at all.

I’ve learned a very long time ago that if you want to achieve something... (more)


Steps being taken around the world to increase agricultural

By Editor, published on May 16, 2017

With the world's population growing so quickly and steadily, agricultural issues have become one of the most pressing global problems, needing solutions as soon as possible in order to feed everyone. You may have heard of the starving children in Africa or China, but there are more people suffering from starvation all over the world, including in the United States and Western Europe. While this topic is not new in itself, there are obstacles that cause more problems and add a great deal of stress to those who farm and those who need the food, and these hurdles should be looked at, as well as... (more)


Optic Broadband Taking the World by a Storm

By Editor, published on May 16, 2017

With the rise in various internet options, we all have come across or heard about fibre optic broadband most often. For those who have no information on it, it is a broadband whose speed is quite fast and gives you enough bandwidth to enable multiple devices online at once. The name is from the use of cables made from glass and plastic which makes data transfer faster compared to copper wires which are used in the regular broadband. The reason that the internet is available across the world is the presence of fibre cables.

What separates the broadband used among companies is the channel... (more)


Games to Play While Traveling by RV

By Editor, published on May 13, 2017

An RV trip is all about having fun. Having the right RV accessories and supplies such as multi-media items, satellite TV, and monitors can help reduce boredom and can enable you and your family to enjoy the trip.

That being said, when all else fails, what better way is there to have fun than with fun games to accompany you on your trip!

Among the items you will need for the below games will be a computer or gaming console (if you can fit it there) or even a piece of paper and pen. Even your phone can do the trick. Here are the best games to take on your RV trip.

The... (more)


Esports – 4 Popular Esports Games You Need to Play

By Editor, published on May 12, 2017

If you are not aware, esports is now a huge industry worth billions of dollars. Gone are the days where the occupation of ‘a professional gamer’ was considered geeky and sad. The top esports athletes of today are earning millions of dollars every year and are watched and adored by millions of fans. Audiences have never been closer to their sporting idols as they are with esports. The most popular esports games are usually free to play – with enough dedication a young fan can follow in his/her idols footsteps as long as they have an internet connection.

Esports has reached a stage where... (more)


Who To Turn To After An Accident At Work?

By Editor, published on May 12, 2017

If you have an accident at work, time is of the essence to make a claim and receive compensation. It’s vital that you know your rights and who you can turn to for help, advice and legal services.

Report the accident

After an accident at work you should report it to your employer right away. Your employer should have an accident book or file where they log any accidents that occur on the premises and they should add your accident to it right away. If they don’t have an accident book, or if they don’t add it to the log book, you should write down the details of the accident... (more)


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