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Dubai South: Best investment ever due to Expo 2020

By Editor, published on Feb 24, 2017

There is buzz in the world for investment in Dubai due to Expo 2020. Opportunistic investors have turned their interest in to Dubai real estate sector. But the question arises where should they start looking?

Over the years, Dubai is now continuously expanded southwards towards Abu Dhabi, along the Shaikh Zayed Road as well as eastwards to Muhammad Bin Zayed and Emirates Road. According to RERA the next phase of property development is from southwards and eastwards, specifically towards the Expo site and the region between Shaikh Zayed Road and Emirates Road.

Now people can easily... (more)


Most Wanted: 3 Characteristics Sellers Look for When Hiring

By Editor, published on Feb 24, 2017

All real estate agents understand that buying and selling homes is a time consuming and difficult process. For clients, there is a lot at stake, often what they once might have called their “dream home” – a designation that doesn’t come lightly, especially when they decide who they want to put in charge of selling such a precious commodity. Of course, they are going to want someone who can take charge and has the experience to get the job done properly.

Unfortunately, nobody starts off in the industry that way. You have to learn the type of person that you need to be as you grow. For... (more)


Tips for Accessible Travel

By Editor, published on Feb 22, 2017

For persons with disabilities, accessible travel tips are a must. It takes careful planning and before deciding where to go, how to go, and what you will do, the following tips brought to you by Disability Credit Canada, may well prevent difficulties down the road.

Do Your Research - Many places, cruises, adventures, holiday packages and other aspects of travel may very well describe themselves as “barrier free”, “fully accessible”, or use other phrases and terms to entice travellers with disabilities into an inaccessible travel adventure. The first step in any research is to... (more)


The barriers and benefits of women inclusion in the construction industry

By Editor, published on Feb 21, 2017

While women amount to approximately half of the labor force and are broadly represented in most fields of employment, their position remains marginal in the construction industry. Despite pro-women initiatives, a manpower deficiency and an ageing workforce, construction is still predominated by white middle-aged males.

Prejudice and stereotypes are still present in the construction industry, both among entrepreneurs, union representatives and male colleagues. Prejudices are beliefs that limit our openness to others and that prevent change. To move from a homogeneous culture... (more)


The Significance of Social Media in Blog Promotion

By Editor, published on Feb 20, 2017

There is no doubt the fact that social media has become the largest platform for which blogs are promoted. With millions of users signing up on daily basis, social media can help you spread a message quickly beyond your borders. There are so many ways through which you can use the social media for your blog promotion, the most important are;

#1: Embracing more visual contents

By now you should have known that tweets with images get more attention on Twitter while posts with pictures get more attention on Facebook. For this reason, the best possible way to promote your blog on... (more)


Do You Use Public Wi-Fi? How Your Making Yourself Vulnerable to Cyberattacks

By Editor, published on Feb 7, 2017

It is often said that the best things in life are free; like love, friendship and public Wi-Fi. But the fact of the matter is that free public Wi-Fi can significantly reduce data breach protection and open your computer up to digital incursion. If you own and operate a business, an employee could unwittingly endanger the privacy and security of your network by just logging on to their work email at the airport!

Surprised to hear this? You aren’t alone. Turns out that more than 60 percent of consumers think their information is safe when using public internet and only half of consumer... (more)


Thinking Of Patients As Customers And Why That's A Good Thing

By Editor, published on Feb 4, 2017

You might have heard of this ongoing turn in the healthcare industry that hospitals and practices of all kinds are starting to think of their patients as customers. This immediately conjures horrible thoughts about price gouging and corporate strong-arming and greed. But it can also make for some truly great advances in the kind of service we can expect from our healthcare providers. Here are some reasons you should think of the positives of thinking of patients as customers.

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When you think of marketing, some people think of it as the practice... (more)



By Editor, published on Feb 1, 2017

There is no denying that in the field of internet entrepreneurship and online marketing, Anik Singal is a household name. Having started from very humble beginnings, he is the perfect example of what motivation and determination can make you achieve, if you follow your dreams and unlock your true potentials.


Born in Olney, Maryland, Anik abandoned a possible career in medicine and followed his dream to become an entrepreneur. The Indian-American business person holds a degree in finance from the University of Maryland at College Park, from where he graduated in... (more)


5 Reasons Golf Is The Best Sport Around

By Editor, published on Jan 30, 2017


We’re blessed with loads of great sports in our world, with fans from different sectors screaming their sport is the best. Today, the focus is on a sport that often gets a lot of stick; golf. Here are five reasons you’ll fall in love with golf, as it’s the best sport around:

There Are Handicaps For Bad Players

Is there anything worse than playing a sport you’re bad at? Who has fun playing with their friends if they’re all much better than you? With golf, steps are made to help bad players enjoy the sport more. There are handicaps which allow players... (more)


Detailed Study of Social Login and Its Benefits

By Editor, published on Jan 30, 2017

Web development companies and web designers work to develop easily accesible web pages apps to. Before visiting any web page or web apps you need to go through a registration process. To get rid of such things, social logins are discovered.

Social logins are necessary to register, login and sign up in a social web page. It provides users with an option to have an account on a specific app or social pages like Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. The apps and web pages allow users to log in through their social accounts, or simply by providing registration name and password.

... (more)


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