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Your money not your thoughts

By Eddy E, published on Mar 4, 2007

For the most part, it is the convictions and politics that will differentiate one candidate from the other. One candidate might be pro-war and another is anti-war. No doubt about it, voters will have important and distinct choices to make both in the primary season as well as in November of 2008. One of the similarities that voters will see among the candidates, is the way that these candidates will market their ideas and vision to attract voters. Four years ago, Howard Dean had a brilliant idea of using the internet to raise money as well as to promote his ideas. Blogging was relatively new,... (more)

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Put Your Strengths To Work

By Eddy E, published on Mar 3, 2007

There are many resources out there to achieve your personal best. Many of these books (or audiobooks) are found in the business section or the self-help section of a bookstore. The premise of many of these books is to help one identify his or her weaknesses and work on them. Find out that makes you tick or your areas of failure and a particular book can help you turn that failure into a strength. Unlike that premise, Marcus Buckingham has an innovative approach exhorting people to identify and develop their strengths rather than dwell on the weaknesses. Through his various books like, Now... (more)


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