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Greet the Grunion: The only place in the world you can do it.

By E Jo, published on Feb 19, 2007

I had no idea what a grunion was or why it was running, but I wasn't going to say a word and ruin this rare opportunity for a late night beach adventure. Today, it's just as exciting to watch these elusive fish emerge from the sea at midnight. With the light of the full moon dancing on the water, the silvery grunion surf the waves and sinuously skim up the beach. During a large run, thousands of grunion shimmer brilliantly in a silver lining along the surf. Coming ashore to spawn on a full or new moon, the grunion arrive after a high tide with such regularity that the time can be predicted... (more)

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A fecal matter: LA beaches closed again due to sewage spills

By E Jo, published on Feb 7, 2007

Two Los Angeles beaches are closed once again due to sewage spills: Will Rogers State Beach at Santa Monica Canyon storm drain (Chautauqua) in Pacific Palisades and Dockweiler State Beach at Ballona Creek in Playa del Rey. The closed section spans from 100 yards on either side from the point of discharge. In addition, warning signs have been posted at the Santa Monica beach at Wilshire Blvd. storm drain, spanning 50 yards on both sides of the drain. According to LA’s Department of Health Ocean Water Monitoring Program, “A beach is closed anytime there is a known sewage or chemical spill... (more)

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Waitangi Day in LA: Kiwis build giant silver fern in sand

By E Jo, published on Feb 3, 2007

Want a good reason to blow off work next Monday (besides your Superbowl hangover)? Waitangi Day. It’s a public holiday. Not an American one but still a good excuse to skip work, grab a shovel and head to the beach to build a gargantuan, sandy, silver fern. One of New Zealand’s most important holidays will be celebrated on the beach just south of the Santa Monica pier in support of New Zealand’s “Made from New Zealand” campaign. Monday February 5th 10AM digging will commence. Constructing the most colossal sand sculpture this beach has ever seen, artist Mike Mizrahi of Inside Out... (more)

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Gray Whale Watching in LA: 12,000 mi. Migration Celebrated

By E Jo, published on Jan 28, 2007

Thar she blows! The Whale Fiesta which celebrates the southern migration of the Pacific Gray Whale will take place on Sunday, January 28th from 10AM-4:30PM at Cabrillo Marine Aquarium. Admission is FREE and the celebration includes talks by whale experts, building a life sized Gray Whale sand sculpture, food, crafts, music and general marine mammal awareness. Whale watching boat tours are also available through CMA. Late January is peak season in LA and southern California to see these giants pass by on their journey toward Mexico. The Gray Whale southern migration begins approximately... (more)

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The Urban Coyote: The true Hollywood story!

By E Jo, published on Jan 26, 2007

It was 2AM. I was at a stoplight waiting for a green light. Displayed in bright lights in front of me as if on stage, a coyote stood in the middle of the intersection. He was slight with thin, unnaturally long legs and a piercing gaze. He looked like a Dingo/Queensland Heeler/German Shepherd mix except for his bright yellow eyes, long pointed ears and bushy tail, which definitively put him in a class outside of Fido’s. Despite a 5,000 pound vehicle directly in front of him, he was not frightened and nonchalantly continued to lower his head to eat something off a white paper wrapper. A... (more)

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Make LA a greener place: plant trees with TreePeople

By E Jo, published on Jan 22, 2007

This coming Saturday, January 27th, from 9:00-12:00PM you can make Los Angeles a healthier place to live by planting a tree with TreePeople. Every week local volunteers help plant trees in the city streets, local mountains, and school campuses. Trees help to keep the air clean, stabilize terrain, protect wildlife, reduce heat gain and provide nutrition. Planting trees is an excellent way to educate children about the environment and bring the community together. This Saturday there will be four locations for tree planting. In Studio City, they will continue with part two of LA City Mayor... (more)

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Killing whales in Southern CA: U.S. Navy uses lethal sonar

By E Jo, published on Jan 20, 2007

Gray whales, humpbacks, blue whales, dolphins, porpoises and other sensitive species off the coast of California are at risk. According to the National Resource Defence Counsel ("NRDC'), "In 2004, the world's leading whale biologists examined the link between navy sonar and whale strandings and concluded that the evidence of sonar causation is 'very convincing' and 'overwhelming.'" Whales from all over the world have been found dead or dying following exposure to mid-frequency sonar. Evidence of sonar effects on marine mammals began to emerge in 2000 when whales of four different species... (more)

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Valentine's Day gift that matters: go Heal a Heart Across the Border

By E Jo, published on Jan 18, 2007

It’s about that time again when all the store aisles turn red and every TV commercial makes you realize just how lonely you really are. Constant advertising reminds you ad nauseam that diamonds are a girl’s best friend while annoying little jingles like “London Gold is the best” repeat over and over in your head. Lingerie clad sirens warn their men of the “dog house” if they don’t buy just the right gift and of their carnal reward if they do. Cheesy, heart-shaped Mylar balloons float in your face and fuzzy teddy bears dressed in leather offer trivial messages of love. In a blink,... (more)

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My Saturday Night Love Affair

By E Jo, published on Jan 14, 2007

It’s Saturday night and my mouth is drooling thinking of what is to come. The steam fills the air with a unique scent noted as a delicacy to the most refined palates. With the oil in one hand, I drizzle the Italian virgin up and down the plump, ripe buds that lie in front of me. Time stops as I place these green gems into my mouth to savor their nutty, robust essence. To think that people could hate such a divine creature such as you! My love affair climaxed tonight as I dined on ‘fresh from the stalk’ brussel sprouts. The affair with the brussel sprout began about 4 months ago when... (more)


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