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Live a Glorious Life by Investing in Sundaram Mutual Fund

By Dishika Baheti, published on Jan 16, 2018

The mutual fund industry is an entirely different universe of number games. Out of the many apparently promising schemes, choosing the best plan is nothing short of conquering a wild battle. Sometimes we taste victory, but mostly are crushed by the huge army of confusing options. But what actually is the solution to dissipate this dusty cloud of chaos that is choking us to death? Well, the answer is simply partnering up with Sundaram Mutual Fund, an asset management firm that is known for powering its products with intensity, integrity and intelligence, that are made to cater to the different... (more)


Planning for Long-Term Returns? Invest in Large Cap Funds

By Dishika Baheti, published on Jun 5, 2017

To balance the risk and reward in the investments, most investors believe in the concept of diversification through planting their investments in multiple schemes. But, this decision works correctly when their portfolio adds up the investment in large cap funds which allows you to earn a high rate of return. Large cap mutual funds invest in the companies having the market capitalisation over Rs.50 lakh crore. The large-cap pool comprises the giant corporations which are well-established like Reliance, Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, Tata Group, etc., and have already grown-up in the market. So, if... (more)

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Why is There a Need of Liquid Funds in a Portfolio?

By Dishika Baheti, published on Feb 20, 2017

Have you ever looked out for a better alternative for the savings bank account? Even though we are satisfied with the concept of saving with banks, we need not put all our idle cash in it. There are many other options in the market which work alike and in fact much better than the bank account. They not only yield better returns but provide an almost equal level of safety of the funds. One such example is none other than the liquid fund which is a subcategory of debt mutual funds. So let us know why one must have the best liquid funds in one’s portfolio.

1. Higher Returns: The money... (more)

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Plan Your Taxes Along with Investments Through SIP

By Dishika Baheti, published on Sep 6, 2016

A large number of people start their tax planning at the end of a financial year. At that time, they search for different ways to save taxes, but apparently, fail at it. The reason is that, instead of waiting for the month of March, one must start initiating the tax plan from April itself, i.e., at the commencement of the financial year. Then only he/she can manage his taxes and save monies.

What do we do to achieve our objectives? We do planning, right? Here as well, the Systematic Investment Plans(SIP) can help us in achieving our targets. As we know, investments always play a pivotal... (more)

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Five Points to Consider While Investing in SIP Mutual Fund

By Dishika Baheti, published on Aug 8, 2016

The easiest way to earn more money is by making better investments. Creating corpus is everyone’s desire, but not all of us attain it. One thing that we must remember is if something is not coming towards us, then it’s our responsibility to bring it. No one else would ever come to help us.

Investment plays a crucial role in making life worth living. And, the SIP mutual fund is the best source for the same.

In the whole life, we meet many people but remain in touch with some of them only. This is because not everyone deserves to know the real you. Similarly, we find many options... (more)


Stabilize Your Portfolio with Top Performing Funds

By Dishika Baheti, published on Jul 30, 2016

Everyone desires to take the best investment decision as it is the creator of our future. And for that, we need to make the best strategy. As we all are aware of the market conditions, so it becomes more important to have a well-planned investment.

In the case of choosing the mutual fund schemes for investing, we need to take advice from the experienced ones so as to be assured of getting good returns. We always wish to attain the maximum benefits, and to achieve the same we want to get associated with the top performing funds. But, are you aware of the performance of your funds? Have... (more)


Use SIP Calculator to Advance Your Investment

By Dishika Baheti, published on Jul 26, 2016

We are living in the era where everything is hi-tech. Even the mobile phones we use are becoming smarter, and to survive in such an environment, we also need to act smartly. The inflation rates are continuously increasing, and this is a matter of consideration for all of us. A right investment decision taken now shall help us to lead a better life tomorrow, and SIP calculator helps us to take such decision.

While making investments, we always have queries in our minds regarding the returns. Obviously, we want to retrieve maximum benefits. But, this can be possible only if an efficient... (more)


Comprehending how mutual fund works the easier way

By Dishika Baheti, published on Jul 12, 2016

All the people who invest in mutual funds or aspire to do so, face some hurdles associated with the offline method like detailed form filling, long queues for paying your installment, etc. These all can now be avoided with the help of an online investment process. The launch of an online mode by all the mutual fund companies has reduced the otherwise hectic procedure involved in investing. A rise was recorded in the number of unsatisfied clients due to misleading promotions and unclear trading practices by the agents. This was stimulating the clients away from investing as a result of widespread... (more)


How does an SIP calculator catalyzes the investment process?

By Dishika Baheti, published on Jul 7, 2016

We all are aware of the term Systematic Investment Plan (SIP). SIP is a recurring investment. But until you know the amount you need to invest how can you be an efficient investor? One cannot randomly invest any sum of money. Also, the amount for SIP depends on the investment objective of the client. Therefore, we can say that everything is interlinked. So, firstly the initial task is to determine the investment objective. Based on the purpose, the amount and the duration of investment are decided. Reckoning of the SIP amount is a very backbreaking and composite task. If anything goes wrong... (more)


It’s never too early, start your Systematic Investment Plan

By Dishika Baheti, published on Apr 25, 2016

It is quite true that as we advance towards our old-age, we tend to loose the capability to work. And to plan for the obvious fate, i.e., retirement one needs to plan from an early stage. But, it is often seen that youngsters ignore investments considering it to be early for them to commence one. As they are unaware of the working principles of the mutual fund industry they end up starting late and get fewer returns. It is required to make people aware about behind the scene working of mutual funds.

Systematic Investment Plan is one of the methods used for putting your money in any of... (more)


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