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The Brewhaha At Dolores Park Cafe

By Digidave, published on Aug 17, 2008

Last Sunday was a beautiful day here in San Francisco - and although I prefer to hang out on my computer and stay away from the light as much as possible - I ended up going to Dolores Park.

After wandering into Dolores Park cafe I saw the following poster. Apparently they have excellent drink deals every 2nd Tuesday of the month - they call it the "Brewhaha."

Clever name, don't ya think?


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July Featured Contributor - Dlferguson

By Digidave, published on Aug 7, 2008

How does where you live influence who/what you write about and how you go about doing it?Brooklyn has an energy and diversity that I absolutely love. Many times I’ll get inspiration or ideas to write simply by walking or driving around my neighborhood or talking to people. Everybody here has an opinion and they’re not afraid to give it to you. And people want to hear your opinion as well.I see you like writing about movies - when did that start? What is the best review you think you've written?The movie reviews started maybe five years ago. I’ve always loved movies and... (more)

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June Featured Contributor - V

By Digidave, published on Jul 8, 2008

You describe yourself as an Australian living in "Amorica," how does this influence your writing? When I first moved to the USA 3yrs ago, I also discovered blogging. Blogging was the most efficient way to give all my friends and family a window into my world while living so far away. Back home I would drop by a friend’s house unannounced for a late morning cup of tea or an afternoon glass of wine whereby we’d sit at that window and while the time away. I miss these exchanges and I have found these again somewhat in the Broowaha community. I tossed around the idea of what... (more)

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May Featured Contributor - Glenn T

By Digidave, published on Jun 9, 2008

How does where you live influence who/what you write about and how you go about doing it?Los Angeles is a city of infinite inspiration, especially if you like to rant. Coming to California is what inspired me to write in the first place. All in the same year, I went from east coast to west coast, from military to civilian, from work to school and from blue-collar to white-collar. At first, all the changes frustrated me, and then once I found my way, I found it all pretty damned funny. My fish-out-of-water point of view was my first writing voice. My first column was entitled “Tales... (more)

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Bay To Breakers - The Sf Mardi Gras

By Digidave, published on May 19, 2008

Bay to Breakers is still one of my favorite things about San Francisco. It is a celebration of life and the all around good nature of the bay.

For those who don't know - Bay to Breakers is a race that starts at the Embarcadero (the bay) spans the length of the city and goes through Golden Gate Park to end at the beach (the breakers). The race is only seven miles and the runners in the front usually finish it within a half-an-hour.

But behind the runners are thousands of people in cosutmes, drinking, singing, dancing and having what can only be described as a chaotic good... (more)

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Featured Contributor - Jen And Tonic

By Digidave, published on May 2, 2008

How does where you live influence who/what you write about and how you go about doing it?

I have lived in Seattle and the San Francisco Bay Area. Both places are filled with completely insane, but wonderful people. You get a very random mix of characters that can spark an article in an instant. Truth is stranger than fiction, so the folks I have met in these places have definitely given me some material to work with. I think that if you keep your eyes and ears open in any given place you can find people or situations that inspire you. I guess that is my method, being curious... (more)

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Spring Time In San Francisco: Drums And Slip-N-Slide

By Digidave, published on Apr 14, 2008

As you can see from the video above - the weather in San Francisco this weekend was.... breathetaking. I am not an "active" person, but I couldn't resist the outdoors. On Saturday afternoon, after some spring cleaning, I hoped on my bike and headed to Golden Gate Park. Specifically "hippie hill" which is the open field just beyond the Haight street entrence to the park. It is a haven for gutter punks, burnouts, frisbie throwing hippies, music lovers and people like myself - who just love watching it all go past them.

Later that night I went to Dolores park with some friends. Since the... (more)

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Artist Co-op In Sf: It's a "Rare Device"

By Digidave, published on Apr 4, 2008

I was on my way to get an Arizona ice-tea. I particularly like the Arnold Palrmer flavor. When I turned the corner, however, I couldn't help but notice the group of 20 or so women clamoring into the store Rare Device. Really, how could I not follow them into the store?

As the door started swinging shut behind me I got nervous for a minute. Did I just introdue on some all female event? Luckily one last male, presumably also drawn in by the same site, snuck in at the last second, making me feel like less of an intruder.

Then two women in the front began... (more)

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March's Featured Contributor - Ed Attanasio

By Digidave, published on Apr 2, 2008

How does where you live influence who/what you write about and how you go about doing it?

I like writing about San Francisco. There is so much going on here when it comes to art, theater, music and politics. I am not a very political person, so I write about things that interest me, like doing restaurant reviews, sports stories and articles about dogs, which is another one of my interests.

Your Broowaha logo, is there a story behind it?

No, I have changed my Broowaha logo several times. The photo I have now is one that I found online. It’s a little... (more)

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Advertising On The Longest Commute Ever

By Digidave, published on Mar 4, 2008

(Part of a collabortive look at public advertising that you can join - just write your own story of how advertising is seen by you).

I'm trapped on an airplane. I am what you can only call a captive audience - and sure enough, even in the little private space I've been alotted on this commute, I'm somehow bombarded with advertising. It's not suprising when you think about it. The travel industry is one of the few situations where it's totally acceptable to treat human beings like cattle, why not shove some mindless advertising in their face along the way? You wait in lines, you are... (more)

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