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Simple options for becoming healthier fast

By DianaSmith, published on Apr 12, 2015

We should be aware that there’s no bigger wealth in our lives from strong and lasting health. It’s unique and unreplaceable power which allows us to live out loud and enjoy in all beauties life can bring us, but still, we sometimes tend to forget about it. Of course, world is moving fast and we are also imposed to be the part of the race, but in the end, fast life can leave evident consequences on our health. Even if there’re no visible illness’s signs, constant prevention and health maintenance is a step we need to take in order to experience good life quality and longevity. There’s no doubt... (more)

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Bathroom decoration on a budget

By DianaSmith, published on Apr 11, 2015

Just because you are updating how your bathroom looks does not mean that you have to spend all your money on it, there are plenty of ways to go about renovation and decoration on a tight budget; you just have to be careful when planning and you have to make sure that you check the prices in different places to get the best deal. Even more so, the smallest of details can make the biggest difference to the overall appearance of your bathroom, and you will be able to save some money too.

Upgrading bathroom fixtures

After a while, your bathroom will need some new fixtures, especially... (more)


A brief history of the Dodger Stadium

By DianaSmith, published on Apr 8, 2015

It all began in early 1962, in Los Angeles, when the Dodger Stadium was officially opened and the new season of baseball could start. Since then the stadium, and the Dodgers have shared many memorable and invaluable moments and memories, but it is still standing tall and hopefully it will be possible to create newer and more interesting memories in the future. Most importantly though, there were many stars molded in the pitches of this wonderful stadium; and it seems like many more are going to come as well.

The famous Game 4

In 1963, the only time the Dodgers managed to win a... (more)

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Best home office setup guide

By DianaSmith, published on Apr 7, 2015

Small spaces are cute and easy to decorate yet they tend to be not the most functional option, especially not for an office. Yet, this doesn’t really mean you can’t turn it into a wonderful space to work at and enjoy what you’ve created.

Since you are on the budget you need to be careful about the moves you make. We all tend to spend more than we are allowed to, especially if you are one who adores pretty things. When it comes to setting up your home office, you’ll need to step back and take a good look at the space you’ve got and then make a plan on how you’d like to do things. To help... (more)

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Hints on planning amazing business party

By DianaSmith, published on Mar 21, 2015

It has become a tradition that every year companies throw a business party for their employees. This is an amazing way to show your respect for people who are working hard to contribute to your company. However, planning such an event may seem easier than it really is. It requires spending a lot of time on its organization, as well as paying attention to every detail, from setting your budget to your invitation list. If you are not sure how exactly you should plan a business party, here are some amazing tips that will definitely help you.

Set your budget and make a check list

First... (more)

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Being more eco friendly - Ways to Green Your Office

By DianaSmith, published on Mar 16, 2015

Office workers rarely have time to see the immediate impact of their actions on the imminent environment around them, but unless they pay attention to their energy consumption, paper waste and other wasteful methods, they will only help towards leaving a bigger carbon footprint. However, not only working in an office can increase pollution, but heading to work, and leaving can also have dire consequences as most employees have to use a car. Moreover, much of the business waste is not handled appropriately and not recycled, so that much of it is wasted and not reusable anymore.

The issue... (more)

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The power of LinkedIn - Using LinkedIn Smartly to Build your Network

By DianaSmith, published on Mar 1, 2015

Although there are many social media sites out there, LinkedIn is perhaps one of the most powerful, at least in the business world. On the other hand, many still believe that LinkedIn is mostly used for finding glorified jobs, but it is quite the contrary actually. It is a professional social networking site that allow more than just to simply connect and to get a job; it offers an opportunity for you as an individual, or for a company to grow and to evolve. Moreover, it is a great business marketing tool that is heavily overlooked.

Setting up a proper profile

One of the first... (more)

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Must Know Facts About Shipping Containers for Building Purp

By DianaSmith, published on Feb 14, 2015

One of the most unique and interesting new ways to shape up your home or get one for cheap is to simply refurbish an old container. You can get them relatively cheap and they can provide you with all the resources that you need to build anything you want. What makes shipping containers interesting today is that they are a cheap and easily available resource that you can use to not only make yourself a home but also expand already existing homes and create all kinds of interesting spaces. The cheap price of shipping container combined with their good thermal and sound isolation capabilities... (more)

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How to Water Your Garden

By DianaSmith, published on Feb 7, 2015

Experienced gardeners know how important watering the plants is. If you are not certain how to that properly, you shouldn’t despair. Although this procedure seems quite simple, you need to learn some additional steps that will make your gardening easier and enjoyable. Plants are living beings, with numerous needs that have to be respected. Here are some useful suggestions that will help you learn how to water your garden properly.

Check if the soil is moist

Before you start watering, you need to check if the soil is moist. There are several ways for you to do that. The most exact... (more)


How to Build a Home Bar

By DianaSmith, published on Feb 6, 2015

You have always wanted a home bar and it is finally time to make one. Still, you are unsure whether you will be up to task yourself, or should you hire professional to do it for you. The reasons for doubting yourself probably originate from the fact that you are not quite certain what is the best building procedure, what are the usual steps, which materials and tools you need and how long will it take to build a normal sized home bar, to name a few. No need to worry. If you are at least somewhat skilled in woodwork and have already used some of the woodwork tools, you will be able to build... (more)

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