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Happiness is not a state you want to be in all the time... An interview with Judy Belushi-Pisano

By Deminizer, published on Nov 6, 2006

I watch tyrell and white crack lips, Rick James Bitch, & there's my 15 year old kid watching it with me and it gets all weird. That's my kid. She's smart so we talk, but damn, THAT'S MY KID. I remember back & then it hits me. It never fails to amaze me anymore just how little people pay attention to the past, even the recent past. It seems like yesterday I was a 7 or 8 year old kid, staying up late at night, sneaking around after my bedtime tempting the wrath of a parent to see SNL when it first began, like it was the second coming of Santa Claus or a portal to hell that nobody else... (more)

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