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The Wild West

By Deborah Zeitman, published on Mar 20, 2007

New street-side accoutrements are popping up in Santa Monica, and I’m certain I’m witnessing the birth of a cultural revolution. I’ll call it ‘Governance by Guilt.’ Children raised in certain households will recognize the method. Our cars are outfitted with accurate, visibly placed speedometers, yet on my daily commute I now am greeted by large monitors that display the speed of approaching cars on a screen directly below the speed limit. Most of us knowingly speed, so confronting us with our transgression is hardly illuminating. On the other hand, the public shaming aspect of this... (more)

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Car Talk

By Deborah Zeitman, published on Feb 27, 2007

“Don’t bark!” Those were the first words out of my mouth when I heard the repeated honking of the far-off car. Not ‘honk’, but ‘bark’. Yes, a little Freudian slip, but that’s exactly what we do when we repeatedly hit our horn. We’re simply barking, and it’s not an effective form of communication. One hard jab can prevent a near accident, but the continual jabs just express anger. They seldom have any impact other than to make us feel that our irate voices have been heard. I think there’s a better way. In Los Angeles, we spend countless hours stuck behind the wheel of... (more)

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