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Power Up

By Deborah Horton, published on Dec 3, 2010

If reports are to be believed, the Red Sox are looking to power up for next season. Reports have the Red Sox meeting with Carl Crawford and have met with both Crawford and his reps in Houston. Reports also have the Sox meeting the Werth and his agent Scott Boras in a hotel near the airport in Chicago.

From all of the accounts I have read on these subjects, the Red Sox seem more focused on Crawford instead of Werth. Terry Francona has been quoted as saying that Crawford is a "game changer." Dustin Pedroia has stated that Crawford is a "5 tool player." It seems apparent that the Red... (more)

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Game On

By Deborah Horton, published on Dec 2, 2010

The NCAA ruled today that Auburn QB Cam Newton is now eligible to play on Saturday and to participate in the BCS National Title game if Auburn wins the SEC championship game. This comes after Newton was ruled ineligible on Tuesday for violation of amateurism rules.

Today, on appeal, the NCAA ruled that Cam Newton had no knowledge of the pay-to-play scheme that allegedly involved his father and Kenny Rogers as a representative. The NCAA further ruled that no money changed hands in the attempted scheme. Newton was ruled eligible after the NCAA said they found no evidence of his participation... (more)

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Hot And Cold

By Deborah Horton, published on Nov 29, 2010


Atlanta Falcons - 19-1 in their home dome. 9-2 on the season. They beat the Packers by coming back at the end of the game to secure the win in less than a minute's time. A complete team with both a running and a passing attack and a defense that really stood up in this game.

New England Patriots - 9-2 and keeping pace with the Jets. Patriots are improving at every position with each week. The balls thrown are spread out amongst about 6 players. The running game is moving. The defense is improving every week and Tom Brady had a perfect passer rating on Thanksgiving.

... (more)

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Losing Is A Team Sport

By Deborah Horton, published on Nov 28, 2010

It seems that most people want to blame Boise State's loss last night vs Nevada on the Boise State kicker. Yes, he missed 2 chip shot field goals, but he didn't lose the game. Not by himself. Losing is a team sport.

Boise State had Nevada down 24-7 at one point. They had played the game they played all year. Get a big lead early. Have the defense hold the other team down. Manage the clock. It looked as if Boise had this game well in hand. Nevada couldn't get anything going it appeared. But then it was halftime and Nevada obviously made some big adjustments. They came out and... (more)

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A Life Lived On

By Deborah Horton, published on Nov 28, 2010

Chris Henry, late receiver for the Bengals, died on December 16 after a fall from a moving pickup truck and an argument with his girlfriend and mother of his 3 children. Henry was 26. Henry had had a lot of things in his life that had not been as great as they could have been but after his death, four people found hope in a life lived on.

Chris Henry, before he passed away, was known by most only as a guy who had had a lot of trouble earlier in his career. Most casual observers only knew him as this guy. After his death, those closest to him in the NFL tried to make it known that... (more)

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Gobble Gobble

By Deborah Horton, published on Nov 28, 2010

Thanksgiving is almost upon us and that means a few things to most Americans. Family, turkey, and football. A set of 3 games are on tap for Thanksgiving Day viewing this year.

First up, the Patriots travel to the Lions to kick off turkey day football. The Lions have had quite the time of it this year with some questionable calls and their quarterback Stafford being injured for a big part of the season. They are a much better team than people give them credit, but they are not going to beat the Patriots. New England is getting things together and are starting to work on all sides... (more)

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Time's Up, Sort Of

By Deborah Horton, published on Nov 23, 2010

Tuesday night at 11:59 pm ET the first part of free agent arbitration ends. In this section of the arbitration game, teams have to decide whether to offer salary arbitration to those of their free agents ranked in the Elias Sports Bureau rankings. Offering such arbitration is the only way teams can assure 2011 First-Year Player Draft-pick compensation for free agents who leave the team by getting the signing team's first- or second-round choice plus a sandwich pick for Type A's, a sandwich pick for Type B's.

Arbitration offers also bring a great deal of risk for teams depending on... (more)

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Happy Now

By Deborah Horton, published on Nov 22, 2010

All year I have been subjected to those who believe Boise State is a team in the same league as SEC, Big 10, and other big conference teams just because of their win/loss record. All year I have heard how Boise State is not allowed to play teams from "bigger" schools because none of them will schedule games with them. All year I've heard that if they did get one of these games, they would win it. Now, they all get their wish, happy now?

Boise State will play the University of Georgia on September 3, 2011 in Georgia. They will get a massive amount of money for this game. They will... (more)

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If You've Got 500 Million Dollars

By Deborah Horton, published on Nov 20, 2010

I've got a baseball team you can buy. The Houston Astros are for sale and 500 million is about all they are worth, but that's not how much the current owners want for them.

On Friday, long time Astros owner Drayton McLane announced that the Astros are now up for sale. McLane and his family have owned the team 18 years. They bought the team for 171 million dollars in 1992. During their ownership tenure, the Astros have made 6 playoff appearances, the 2005 National League pennant and the opening of Minute Maid Park in 2000. McLane, who is 74, stated that one of the reasons he is selling... (more)


Rocking The Wrong End Of The Deal

By Deborah Horton, published on Nov 18, 2010

The Rockies traded middle infielder Clint Barmes to the Houston Astros for Felipe Paulino. It only takes a minute to see that the Rockies are rocking the wrong end of the deal on that trade.

Barmes has played both 2nd base and shortstop for the Rockies. Barmes hit .235 in 133 games in 2010, with 21 doubles, eight home runs and 50 RBIs and appeared in 665 games splitting time between 2nd and short. This past season, he started 69 games at 2nd and 39 games at shortstop filling in on 32 of 33 games at short while Tulowitski was on the 15-day DL, hitting .284 in that span with three home... (more)

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