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Might As Well

By Deborah Horton, published on Oct 27, 2010

I've definitely been off my prediction game this year. In previous years, I had a really good record. A REALLY good record. Not so this year. But what the heck, might as well continue now that I've started.

The World Series starts tonight. It's the Texas Rangers vs the San Francisco Giants. Two unlikely participants, or unlikely in most predictors minds. But here they are. The Giants back for a repeat appearance and the first time Rangers. Lots of storylines with these two teams. Both teams have their strengths and weaknesses. Both teams beat really good teams to get to the... (more)

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Of Boys and Men

By Deborah Horton, published on Oct 26, 2010

The Dallas Cowboys played the New York Giants G-Men on Monday night and while the outcome was what I expected, the reasons were totally different. Life changes at warp speed sometimes, and in sports it is most especially true.

The Cowboys had actually tried to make a game of it before halftime. They even led the game for a minute. And then, the Cowboys world was changed in seconds. Tony Romo was taken to the ground and landed on his left, non-throwing shoulder and it fractured his clavicle. That took an already shaky emotional team without a real leader and left them without a quarterback.... (more)

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It's Not Them, It's You

By Deborah Horton, published on Oct 25, 2010

The Vikings lost to the Packers 28 to 24 on Sunday and although both teams made their share of errors, the reason the Vikings lost is Brett Favre, plain and simple.

Favre threw 3 interceptions during the game and made numerous bad passes outside of that, like the one at the end of the game out of bounds. But it was a pair of interceptions in the 3rd quarter that cost the Vikings the win. Those 2 interceptions were turned into touchdowns by the Packers. Those two interceptions cost the Vikings the game. Those two interceptions were thrown by Favre.

I'm getting pretty tired... (more)

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By Deborah Horton, published on Oct 25, 2010

I was wrong. I was wrong about the Rangers and I was wrong about the Giants. I generally am pretty accurate about sports predictions especially baseball, but this time I was completely and utterly wrong.

I said that the Rangers wouldn't beat the Rays. Wrong. I said that the Rangers probably wouldn't beat the Yankees. That the Yankees would somehow come back to win. Wrong. I said the Rangers wouldn't go to the World Series. Wrong. Not only did they get to the World Series for the first time in their franchise history - they did it convincingly. The Rangers are for real and as... (more)

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Team Of Second Chances

By Deborah Horton, published on Oct 23, 2010

The Rangers are a special team. Not really because of their play, even though it has been surprising and outstanding, but because of the players who make up their team. They are a team of second chances on their way to their first chance at a World Series.

The Rangers organization kept manager Ron Washington on even after it was revealed he had a problem with cocaine. They stood behind him. They kept him in his job with the Rangers. They believed he could overcome. They took a huge chance. A risk that has paid off in Washington becoming one of those most beloved by his players... (more)

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They Still Love To Hate Me

By Deborah Horton, published on Oct 22, 2010

Sports Illustrated ran a poll with 239 NFL players voting on the most overrated players in the game. Overwhelmingly, the players voted for Terrell Owens. Somewhere, in a dark room TO is saying to himself, they still love to hate me.

TO has never been one to accept any responsibility for the way others perceive him. He thinks they are all just picking on him. He doesn't think he's ever been a distraction or problem for any team. He thinks it's all someone else and how they love to hate him because he's so much better than they are. Apparently, a majority of NFL players doesn't think... (more)

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Joboo Mojo

By Deborah Horton, published on Oct 21, 2010

You know I haven't given the Giants much of a chance even before the series with the Phillies started. I thought they would be done in 4 and then, I thought they would be done after they won 2. But somehow they keep winning games. I think they have a little Joboo mojo going on as they seem to be one of the most superstitious teams going....and in baseball that's saying something.

First, you've got the Beard. It has become close to a thing of worship in San Francisco. Fear the Beard signs are everywhere. Each time Brian Wilson comes out to save a game, fans go wild. There are T-shirts... (more)

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The Chickification Of The NFL

By Deborah Horton, published on Oct 21, 2010

The new rules coming out of the NFL are absolutely ridiculous. Well half of them are. But that half is heading the NFL straight to flag football.

The head shots rule is already a rule. There is a rule already on the books for helmet to helmet hits. It's very obvious to see a helmet to helmet hit. It's even pretty easy to tell if a guy meant to do it or if it was just an accident. The Dunta Robinson hit was not intentional. The hit on Joshua Cribbs was. It's just that simple and easy to deter

mine. These hits should be officiated. These hits are more dangerous than your... (more)

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Fatal Mistake

By Deborah Horton, published on Oct 19, 2010

The Yankees are going to make a fatal mistake for their next game vs the Rangers. The Yankees are going to go ahead and pitch AJ Burnett in game 4. It's a fatal mistake.

Burnett has pitched badly for months. He has been the direct cause of several Yankees losses over the end of the regular season. He has not had a quality start. He is going to open the door for the Rangers to take a commanding lead in this series in the Yankees home stadium. Burnett also takes away Posada as he has to have his "own" catcher. Posada is an offensive leader, a spark, a catalyst. Without him, the... (more)

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Got It Done

By Deborah Horton, published on Oct 18, 2010

In a game of must wins and too many similarities, the Vikings special teams found a way to get it done. Favre had yet another mediocre performance and Romo, despite throwing 3 TDs still put up 2 interceptions. This game was won despite the quarterback on one side and because of the QB on the other.

Favre continued his mediocre play with a 14 for 19, 118 yard 1 TD and 1 INT effort. He did not look good again and even with the addition of Moss, he just couldn't throw the ball well at all. Moss had a total of 5 catches for 55 yards and no TDs. All of the receivers had anemic numbers.... (more)

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