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What If They Sold Houses Like The True Believers Sell Heaven

By David M Payne, published on Aug 3, 2009

What if they sold houses like

True believers sell heaven?

© 8-1-09 By David M Payne

I'm always amazed that people buy into the God/religion biz and its promise of heaven for the true believer. That's assuming you pick the right religion, sect, cult etc to begin with, but that's another essay.

Try this out. You are invited to a seminar on buying a house for only 10% of your income! Well, that’s a great price for most people, so you go. Boy this is some kind of seminar, lots of people there who are... (more)

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I May Have Died In Vietnam, But Don't Bury Me Yet.

By David M Payne, published on Jun 10, 2009

David M Payne © 6-9-09

9/11 and the other religious wars we are in now brings back some sad memories of my tour in Vietnam in the Marines. This essay is also a warning to my fellow military members in Iraq and Vietnam. My first day "in country" was spent in the receiving barracks on the outskirts of Da Nang. I was talking to a marine who was stationed at those barracks. He told me that the VC had overrun part of Da Nang, and all of Phu Bai the year before during Tet. He asked me if I was a sound sleeper, and I told him I was. He told me that could get me killed, and I needed to learn... (more)

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