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UK Pizza Market - Facts and Statistics

By DanielSutton, published on Jan 9, 2018

Pizza is one of the most popular go-to meals and people from all over the world love to eat pizza. This is probably one of those food items which is loved by almost everyone. UK food industry is no doubt growing at a rapid pace and Pizza industry is the biggest part of the food industry. Below infographic, created by Pizzaiolo, revolves around UK pizza market facts and statistics. We have also highlighted the key issues and fun pizza facts.


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How to Reduce Food Waste? Read Here

By DanielSutton, published on Nov 29, 2015

Food waste has become a major issue. In a survey it was found out that we throw away one third of the food produced for consumption. Less than a quarter of this wasted food is enough to feed 1 billion hungry people in the world. We are not only throwing or wasting food but at the same time we are increasing the amount of the one of the major solid waste component. Amount of wasted food can be reduced greatly if we, as individuals, make small changes in our lifestyles. Pick the tips from the below mentioned list and contribute your part to fight with the global issue of food waste.

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10 Common Food Safety Mistakes

By DanielSutton, published on Oct 28, 2015

Recent statistics show that more than 30 million cases of food-borne illness occur each year.

Go through the following infographic, created by McQueen Cairns, to get a better perspective about the common food mistakes.


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Lights Which Are Lighting Your Life

By DanielSutton, published on Mar 28, 2015

Today’s beautiful, shining and durable lights prove that we have come a long way since the days of using candles or hanging them on the tree. Light is an essential part of our life.

With this infographic, created by our amazing team at Auto LED Shop, we are sharing information about the popular lights.


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Tips to Get Your Lost Love Back

By DanielSutton, published on Nov 29, 2014

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Footwear Industry Facts and Statistics [Infographic]

By DanielSutton, published on Nov 28, 2014

Footwear sales grew 4.8% in 2013 to £8.7 billion as consumers have continued to spend on footwear, which is seen as an easy way of updating an outfit.

Online sales are increasing in this channel with total online spending reaching and estimated £660 million (inc VAT) in 2011. It is predicted to more than double by 2016.

With this infographic, brought to you by Cocorose London, we are sharing some of the less known facts and statistics about UK Footwear Industry.



Random Automobile Industry Facts

By DanielSutton, published on Oct 28, 2014

Automobile industry has evolved a lot in recent years. With this infographic, created by Auto LED Shop, we are sharing some of the random facts about automobile industry.


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Choosing the perfect template for your online store

By DanielSutton, published on Oct 22, 2014

Presentation is way more essential than what a product can really do. For ecommerce shop owners, this is also the best way of making the first impression right. Once a potential customer visits a website, ecommerce owners would want them to stay there for a while and this is possible only if you have the right products on your product’s page along with the proper outlook of your entire website.

Have a look at this infographic, brought to you by Vebology, which highlights some important tips to be considered while choosing template for your online store.


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