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Raising a student’s self-confidence

By Dani Further, published on Jun 11, 2007

It is a commonly accepted belief that children with higher self-esteems earn higher grades and achieve more in school than children with lower self-esteems. Consequently, many schools around the nation have implemented programs aimed at raising a child’s self-esteem and teaching methods that avoid damaging a student’s ego. However, when building a student’s self-confidence is placed before building a student’s education, generally the result is students that can’t accept constructive criticism and teachers who become overly lenient in grading and correcting mistakes. According to... (more)

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The Universal Health Care Program

By Dani Further, published on Jun 9, 2007

A major concern for most Americans today is security. We worry about the safety of our schools, airports, neighborhoods, borders and soldiers at war. However, we often overlook our personal security in health related matters, and as health insurance premiums sky rocket, and more and more Americans are left uninsured, health care should be one of our main security concerns. According to the American Medical Student Association, AMSA, 45 million Americans have no form of health insurance, and millions more are underinsured. America’s baby boomers are now beginning to retire, and since they are... (more)

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The Law of Attraction

By Dani Further, published on Apr 30, 2007

The modern world is filled with people who constantly suffer from feelings such as fear, anxiety, stress, anger, and depression. Obviously these feelings are inevitable; this is life! However, some people become trapped in these feelings, and pulled into repetitive and harmful thought patterns. Getting trapped in these cycles of negative feelings do far more harm then most people believe. Negative feelings do not only cause self-loathing, fatigue, pessimissm and numbness, it actually draws more negativity into one's life. This is due to what is called "The Law of Attraction". The law is... (more)

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