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Benefits of Social Media Promotion for Sports Teams

By Dan Radak, published on Dec 19, 2014

People (mostly men) adore spending hours and hours talking about their favorite sports, teams and sportspeople, trying to verbally defeat their friends or acquaintances through better or more convincing arguments.It is not too often a case that any of them has actually ever tried training any sport, but they are usually purely theoretical sport know-alls. Today, when almost everybody owns a computer and (literally everybody) has profiles in social media, those participants in sports discussions do not have to go to the local pub, but everything can be done either on forums or on social media.... (more)


Why Is State-Owned Education Still Important?

By Dan Radak, published on Dec 18, 2014

The right to education is one of the basic human rights and in the 21st century it is finally being proven how important it is to get proper education in order to stand in line for well-paid jobs. Today you cannot hope to become a wanted worker if you do not invest in your education. But what can we invest today, when the economy of the whole world is going through such tumultuous times? Education has never before been so crucial and important for people and yet, it seems that less and less money is given to state-owned schools. It seems that the future of education lies in private schools... (more)


How to Reduce Costs in Small Business Promotion?

By Dan Radak, published on Dec 16, 2014

We all dream about not paying too much and getting a great service. This little desire is hidden in all of us, because the human wish to save resources is a natural thing. It is in our genetic code since the times we collected berries and lived in caves. In the modern context, this means that we will go to several supermarkets to save $50 per weekend shopping. However, such a tradition if saving money has created many successful societies and countries. What many people want to achieve on an everyday basis needs to be applied in a business context, as well. Every owner of a small business wants... (more)


What Matters in Online Marketing?

By Dan Radak, published on Dec 9, 2014

Online or digital marketing comprises all the advertising forms and strategies that are used to attract users of the Internet to visit your website or social media profile. While this description sounds so simple and straightforward, the truth is that this branch is a whole new scientific branch, which blends economics, information technology, psychology and many other –logies. Everybody who wants their website to become a successful and profit-bringing hub for its users needs to sit down and make a clever and unique online marketing strategy, which can be combined with some established techniques.

... (more)

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