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Is printing our memories just a distant memory?

By Dan Radak, published on Mar 20, 2015

Photography is now available to anyone to practice, and you don’t even need a digital camera, all you require is a cell phone. On the other hand, with all those advantages, it seems there was no room for the good old photo printing. People are always searching for easier solutions, and let’s face it, it is a lot easier and cheaper to share your picture online so that anyone can see it, then spending money on a printed photo, that only a few people will have access to. But, is the easy way always the best way?

In defense of a printed photo

The magic of photo sharing is, in the... (more)


The first steps of penny stock trading

By Dan Radak, published on Mar 14, 2015

Becoming a successful penny stock trader will require some skill and patience, but it is not more difficult than you would do when trading with real stocks on the market. The only difference is that you are investing and trading with stocks of small undeveloped business; which could give you great results in the end. The biggest risk you will have to take is the factor of uncertainty, because it is extremely hard to predict how a penny stock will behave and whether or not you will make a turnover. To get started, you will need to find the nearest over-the-counter market you can use for trading... (more)


How to Properly Get Involved in Financial Business

By Dan Radak, published on Feb 25, 2015

Not that it had not been in the past, but the environment, technical developments and the volume of business itself today makes it a very promising field of work. Of course, it requires education and skills specifically related to finance, as well as the will and readiness for continual education and adaptation. If you feel that you fit into these categories, go through the next lines. We prepared an outline of financial dealings which offer the best business potential and the requirements that you need to meet in order to be ready for and successful in financial businesses of different kind.

... (more)


Trade Show Marketing Strategy

By Dan Radak, published on Feb 20, 2015

Business owners would show up with their partners and employees, take their place, and present themselves to the wider public. Over the years, this method had its ups and downs, but recently it proved to be quite a successful marketing method. If you have never attended a business fair, and you are not sure what to pay special attention to and how to organize, here we have a couple of advices for you on how to successfully promote your business at a trade show.

Invest in a Good Stand

As these exhibitions are usually annual events, you only have one chance in a year to leave a... (more)


The Power of Omni Channel

By Dan Radak, published on Jan 29, 2015

Because it is more convenient and easier to find what you want; and have it delivered to your place. This means that businesses should focus more on using the available channels for satisfying customer needs. Moreover, technological advancements are pushing the limits, crossing the thin line between offline and online. Making everything available at the customers’ fingertips.

Finding your business online

It is vital that you make your business show up in the search engines. Good SEO will greatly improve your business, but in order to achieve great results you will have to spend... (more)


5 Times You Should Look the Other Way in Your Relationship

By Dan Radak, published on Jan 27, 2015

He is the one and you are the one and the relationship is going smoothly. Everything is just fine and you can easily see yourself spending the rest of your life with that man. He is kind and considerate but he has his flaws. There are those that will hurt you and there are those that will just seem funny. However, we are all human beings and here are the five things you should forgive and keep your, otherwise, perfect guy.

His Mom

OK, this is a tricky one. However, parents are our first loves and no mother is completely sane when it comes to her son. If you have disputes with... (more)


Why should I Invest in a Business Notebook

By Dan Radak, published on Jan 18, 2015

While consumer laptops are widely available, and budget-friendly, their target audience are people who need a quick and portable computer they can personalize and use in non-demanding scenarios, like watching their favorite TV shows, socializing, and doing day-to-day tasks. Business level laptops, on the other hand are packed with features which make them more expensive than the consumer class. Above all they are made to last and endure, and provide top of the class performance. Something like executive class sedans.

Exclusive customer support

Lower prices of consumer notebooks... (more)


Why Best Students Earn More

By Dan Radak, published on Jan 15, 2015

Then again, there were those students who had the same level or readiness and knowledge and they we know that they did not study too much. But the both groups were dominant in by the criterion of knowledge. How does that apply in the later phases of life?

Better jobs, higher incomes

These two groups of people usually earn more than other groups. The members of the first group usually set their rules at the very young age and follow them throughout their lives. The students who make the other group do not have such strict rules, but they have enough wits to function without them... (more)


How Can VPS Improve Small Business Operability

By Dan Radak, published on Jan 9, 2015

When a small business manager or owner realizes that his or her business needs to upgrade to launch a website, there is a number of questions that they need to answer in order to get the best possible service. These questions are related to the domain name, website design and hosting. While the first two will be discussed on another occasion, the last one is the subject of interest in this article. The old-school approach of sharing a server with other users is becoming a relic. What every business should consider today for their website is virtual private server.

Better security

... (more)


How Can a Dog Prepare You for a Child

By Dan Radak, published on Jan 4, 2015

Dogs are delightful. Babies are adorable. Puppies are charming. The connection between dogs and babies is an obvious and strong one. But no matter how much we like our canine friends, the trend over the last few years among young couples is adopting a dog as a replacement for a baby. Due to a changed social climate, people decide to have a dog and that way satisfy their parental urge. However, while dogs are great and loyal friends of ours, they cannot replace your own baby. But they can be a step and a bond that will prepare you for a baby.

Dogs require routine

Dogs simply adore... (more)


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