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What Do Business Owners Have to Know about Customer Research

By Dan Radak, published on Jun 19, 2015

Since now there are hundreds of millions of people present online, the whole philosophy of product placement has undergone serious changes and new trends are being coined as we speak. Every businessperson has to detect their customers' wishes and expectations. Here are some practical tips on how to achieve that.

Higher level of expectations

The great advantage of the web service is that today everybody can launch their products online. However, the more people offer different services and good through the Internet, the more their customers become picky. They are simply aware that... (more)


Four Essential Benchmarks for Efficient Small Business

By Dan Radak, published on Jun 10, 2015

Like in any work-related operations, there are always numerous financial traps and potential risks that have to be recognized and prevented as much as possible. So, let's have a look at some most usual financial duties for a small business.

Regular rent payment

If you rent space for your office or store, it is most likely that you cannot be late with your rent. So, one of the first deductions that you have to bear in mind is the space and bills payments. Electricity, water and heating bills have to be paid on a monthly basis. You don't want to risk getting thrown out from your... (more)


Top 5 Startup Business-Friendly Countries

By Dan Radak, published on Jun 8, 2015

The country you choose must be business-friendly, rapidly developing and provide government subventions, together with minimum rental costs. This will eliminate all your previous ideas of dashing Manhattan office. Your new company location needs to be considered seriously, as it is often the key element determining if the business will survive the winter or not. Luckily there are many countries around the world that offer considerable benefits to startup companies. These are some of them.


This modern market economy is a member of the European Union, which means that it... (more)


Make the Best Use of Insolvency Profession and Technology

By Dan Radak, published on May 31, 2015

However, this should not be perceived as something fatal. Every healthy economy is open to trial-and-error strategies in establishing a successful company. There is no financial gain without risks. And some of those risks will result in debts and insolvency. That's why there are insolvency practitioners, who can help the businesses in dire straits to overcome their difficulties.

When to call them?

When a company becomes unable to pay its obligations, it forms a triangle with the creditors and the insolvency practitioners. However, even if a business is in a terrible financial... (more)


How to get back on your feet after a financial crash

By Dan Radak, published on May 30, 2015

But, if you manage to balance your income and the debt you own, it will be possible to avoid a personal financial crash, or at least soften the blow once it does happen. Nevertheless, always have a clear estimate of just how much your possession and inventory is worth, and how it influences your current financial situation.

Figuring out just how much you owe

It is very important that you have an approximate number on how much you are in debt, and how you can lower it in the long run. Moreover, you should have a regular checkup on what the situation is and how it is affecting your... (more)

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Best Places for Promoting Your Enterprise

By Dan Radak, published on May 21, 2015

But the key of a successful business journey is hidden in two major features – learning from your defeats and letting people know about your triumphs. However, you have to choose carefully where you are going to display your business victories.

Local public events

No matter if you are a small business aiming at local business targets or a large company, it is always beneficial to show up at local events. It is especially effective in close-knit communities, where people are close to one another. For example, it could be a town day celebration, where you can install a stand and... (more)


How to Include the Internet in your Teaching Style

By Dan Radak, published on May 14, 2015

Innovations are often looked at in a suspicious way. Although the Internet as we know and use it today has been with us for more than a decade (let's forget about the dial-up period), we can still hear comments and complaints that children use computers and gadgets too much. Members of the web opposition claim that kids waste time surfing the web instead of learning. Well, guess what – the age of online learning has come and teachers have should utilize it.

Adapt your attitude

For younger teachers, the process of adaptation to new technologies is almost non-existent. The young... (more)


Essentials for Trendy Wardrobe This Spring

By Dan Radak, published on May 1, 2015

The economic crisis should not get in the way of the spring clothes purchase, since you can simply sell your winter items and the last year's clothes. The money you earn that way will help you alleviate the process of buying new things for this year. However, in order not to waste too much money, we have prepared a range of essential items and patterns that every woman's closet should have this spring.

Get stripes for the hype

Stripes are such a versatile pattern. They can be found on dresses, skirts, jackets, purses, shoes and sandals and that is why they are a real gem of this... (more)


How to Get Impressive but Inexpensive Watch

By Dan Radak, published on Apr 20, 2015

It is always good to know the precise time at every moment in your life. First of all, the whole society is organized around time, like some old tribe around a pyre. Minutes and hours are definitely the cult of this period of history. After all, we even have a saying 'Time is money'. Although today we have many gadgets that can tell us time, wearing a watch still has its advantages.

Define the purpose of each watch

Instead of immediate switching to the sole process of purchase, every watch buyer should decide what the purpose of his or her watch is. A lot of people have more than... (more)


Financial tips for easier living

By Dan Radak, published on Apr 16, 2015

Also, it is vital that you make sure that you are only spending on necessary things and that you cut down extra spending as much as you can. But, in order to save money and to handle your finances well, you will need to devise a kind of saving’s plan that will work best for you, so that you can leave some money on the side for rainy days. Otherwise, you will be going to the bank to take out loans like a madman.

How to save money

To have some money for any occasion, it will be first needed that you work out a budget, so that you know exactly how much you are earning, and how much... (more)


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