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How To Create a Powerful Resume That Will Make You Rich?

By DamonS, published on Jan 13, 2016

When you’re conducting the resume, you consider to get the desirable job, climb the career ladder and end up with wealthy for the rest of your life. This is totally the best approach you can take, because a solid and well-done resume is the first step to your future success and big money, hence there’s no way you can screw up the application. Here are several hints on how to conduct the perfect CV to win the employer’s attention and make it a start for a new well-fixed life.

1.Open Strong

Don’t emphasize on details when you start the resume: the first 15-20 lines should be brief... (more)

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Top 8 Smells That Boost Studying Process

By DamonS, published on Nov 2, 2015

Have you ever thought about useful properties of scents? The use of aromatherapy secrets was present even back in Ancient Egypt, when Egyptians used to add special oils when they based, had massages or embalmed dead. Later, that knowledge was transferred up to nowadays. In fact, today aromatherapy is one of the most unusual but still effective ways to improve your psychological and physical health with special oils and fragrances to stimulate the senses. Since the sense of smell is connected to your brains, certain plant oils’ scents have a direct effect on a person, causing various responses:... (more)


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