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I Love Beautiful Dark Things

By D. Sager, published on Nov 23, 2011

I love beautiful dark things,

I am the shadow to your life

making things come alive

with depth and mystery

beautiful dark things

I am whats between bright and nothing

hope of a world beyond extremes

I love beautiful dark things

without me you are two dimensional

I bring you out from the page of life

I bring direction, you know

where the light is

with beautiful dark things

I am the subtlety of life

I bring texture to flat canvas

I love beautiful dark things

Not all that is dark is... (more)

Tags: mental health, positive thinking, light, dark things, beautiful dark, revealed


By D. Sager, published on Nov 23, 2011

Slam this one, lock this one, cold, my heart runs around flicking off the switches Hurry be swift

Quick slam the door, locking the windows, no one’s home, you don’t hear me Hurry be swift

No I wont come out, I’m staying in, quit calling me. So many switches. Hurry be swift

Disconnect, follow that instruction, block the thoughts, they lead me out Hurry be swift

Damn the lights, I forgot, turning off the lights, close the blinds, no phone Hurry be swift

There must never be another, never again, protecting the remains, must hide them Hurry be swift

Finally... (more)

Tags: depression, mental health, recluse, hiding, turn off lights

The Flavor of Full

By D. Sager, published on Nov 23, 2011

It has been said, that it's not the experience of pain that brings hopelessness, i'ts the inability of pleasure to bring satisfaction. What do I do when what is supposed to make me happy no longer does? How then will I find the will to live? What purpose will I serve? My desire for pleasure is like a fire. It is never full, I keep feeding it and uses that up and wants more. No matter how much I give it, it is never satisfied. Soon the glowing embers of want beckon for more fuel. At this point, there must be a resetting of my pleasure threshold. In this lies at least one purpose to... (more)

Tags: appetites, reason for suffering, pleasure burn out

The Violation of....

By D. Sager, published on Nov 22, 2011


You shout at me, I try to ignore what you do Your always there, I try to behave You wont let me be alone, I don't want a shadow You don't let me talk, I'm to loud You never will give up, I try to run You make me afraid, I make excuses You influence my friends, I try to explain You hide and peek at me, I cant know where you are You intrude on my privacy, I just want to be alone You threaten my existence, I just want to be safe You make me do things, I'm embarrassed to say You sink lower in your life, I watch you fall You struggle to bring me down, I struggle to breathe... (more)

Tags: relationships, abuse, codependency, violate, threaten

Poisoned Love

By D. Sager, published on Nov 22, 2011

“Love does not last forever, then?" "He asked me the same thing this morning," she said. "No, it does not - not love that has been betrayed. One realizes that one has loved a mirage, someone who never really existed. Not that love dies immediately or soon, even then. But it does die and cannot be revived.” ~ Mary Balogh, Simply Perfect

I am surprised at myself. Being a spiritually enlightened man, well acquainted with my own faults, and well exercised at forgiving a mountain of offenses against me, have found myself at an insurmountable barrier. I have bitterness at a betrayal, no not... (more)

Tags: christianity, poetry, love, relationships, philosophy, psychology, self-improvement, suffering, self help

Just A Stone

By D. Sager, published on Nov 21, 2011

Consider a stone, lying on the ground, in plain sight, so many around. Some have kicked, and others thrown. But not a soul wants to own. A cutter came with his skill, and gathered it from the hill. Sharp blows came swift, followed by hard thought Chipping at the skin, all the stone was wrought. At last being done, held for all to see a brilliant diamond, from the likes of me...

The blows that I wrote about cause great pain, however, this pain is working for a deeper goal than present satisfaction. I can assure you that future successes can only be gained by present... (more)

Tags: poetry, success, struggle, self help, stone

A Lesson From Missing You

By D. Sager, published on Nov 21, 2011

With each breath I'm missing you, breathing in a rasping dry breath.

It seems to burn down to the hollow of my soul.

Memories they flood, now mixing up. I thought I missed only you,

but I miss many.

I find that many are a part of me now. It is not just you,

there are many.

Each having a part to play, each having a part in me,

each deserving of my attention.

What shall I do with this feeling? I should not,

long after only you.

I should, enjoy the many that have become

a part in my life.

How can I miss only you... (more)


The Little Door

By D. Sager, published on Nov 20, 2011

Wondering were I got this rage

I started looking 'round the cage

Hiding in the back, a little door.

Shocked, never saw this before

I pressed close my ear, hoping to feel

hot to the touch, it made me kneel

Whats behind the door, I'm brave to behold

Rest assured it would soon be told.

Locked! But how do I see?

But soon the door would open to me

Turning away I vented a rage

then I heard a click from the back of my cage

Spinning and turning with a stare

I fell to my knees, all of me aware

The door... (more)



By D. Sager, published on Nov 20, 2011

I want fire in my eyes and thunder in my steps.

I want to rise every morning with hope in each breath.

Fire of compassion, thunder of faith.

No sigh of compromise, just strength to create.

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Tags: poetry, mental health, success, self help, create

Just A Thought

By D. Sager, published on Nov 20, 2011

I followed my thought,

I just knew it was true.

It led me down the way,

I loved it through and through.

When I arrived at what

I thought was the end,

it spun me around

to start over again.

So the circle continued,

day after day.

My thoughts ran me ragged

They were more than I could pay.

At that moment of decision

why didn't I know,

just because my thoughts lead me,

doesn’t mean I should go.

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