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Natural Selection

By D. Sager, published on Nov 30, 2011

At anytime, there is a correction

to start over, without exception

unconfined by election

releasing inhibition

no holds barred, no friction

no need for deep inspection

release yourself to a new direction

no chains surround, nowhere to check in

one more time, an election

to start over, takes only selection

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Tags: poetry, choices, mental health, self esteem, starting over, decisions

That Lake Is Me

By D. Sager, published on Nov 29, 2011

No excuses anymore, no not for a moment, for who I am. Continuing on, pressing against a rush of water, the tide of public opinion and internal questions. I lift a weary hand to grab hold of the branches of promise jutting out of the banks at every turn, guardians to help in the unsure and trying times. Inch by painstaking inch I struggle through the cold waters, surrounded by banks of slippery self esteem. When I try to crawl out, I slide back quickly, if not for the holds I kicked in the mud, pats on the back, given only by me. I can see in the distance the calm lake, a haven of peace,... (more)

Tags: hope, lake, success, self esteem, struggle

The Queen, End Game

By D. Sager, published on Nov 29, 2011

The Queen, End Game has been rescinded in lieu of another ending forthcoming. I will leave the ending below for those who "need closure", but will continue to let the story evolve for those who can stand the ride. Peace. * * * * * We shuffled together down the alley, working our way toward a halo of light, a haven of safety, at least in my mind. Leading me this way may have saved our lives, my Queen was wise. I glanced down at her, my life, my love. She stopped me, shock in her eyes, I followed her gaze down her body, the chilled wind blowing her coat to the side enough for me to... (more)

Tags: dancing, money, stripper, protection, alternative-lifestyle

The Queen, Part 4

By D. Sager, published on Nov 27, 2011

I straightened from our huddled position beside the dented cans of rancid garbage, a small rat sat on its haunches, a spectator to the gladiators now positioning themselves in the arena. I turned to my queen, searching her eyes for some sign that it was alright, that this didn't need to happen. Her face pale now in the cold seamy night, held only fear, and hope, a slight spark in her eye. Her eyes so entrancing, how I longed to...a brutal smack to the right side of my face shook me back to reality. Twice tonight, I lost myself in her, twice now I was yanked back to unrelenting reality. My queen... (more)

Tags: dancing, money, stripper, self esteem, protection, alternative-lifestyle

Alone In the Company Of Her

By D. Sager, published on Nov 27, 2011

We smiled our smiles, kisses burned

Feelings rushed one way

For me not returned

This is how I find myself

Alone in the company of her

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Tags: sex, love, relationships, mental health, alone, self esteem

The Queen, Part 3

By D. Sager, published on Nov 26, 2011

She tucked herself close to me, I covered her, encouraging her shelter. Pulling her close, my mind raced with anticipation. How will my queen reward me? Would she possibly let me be her king? How can I, plain and awkward, be a king? That would be.....I was yanked from my fantasy by her frantic tug. We walked quickly but as I turned to my familiar escape, down the lit side street to the paid parking...she pulled me down the alley, into the unknown, a dark way, a mysterious exit. It was a typical alley way by all estimations, lined part way with overflowing garbage cans, the rest lit gloomily... (more)

Tags: relationships, queen, dancer, alternative lifestyle

The Queen, Part 2

By D. Sager, published on Nov 25, 2011

The late afternoon turned to the late night, evidenced by the visible change in both volume and appearance of my queens subjects. The large middle aged blue collar slave, began to morph into, a slicker, more refined slave, those whose love for my queen, gave birth to other interests, like little meetings in the restroom, hushed conversation with obvious handshakes concluding their business. The toll my queen takes on her subjects spurred them on to more devious measures of support for her, their habit. I reached for what I thought was my last 10, and with disgruntled acknowledgment, got a small... (more)

Tags: sex, relationships, queen, dancer, codependence, alternate lifestyle, working

The Queen

By D. Sager, published on Nov 25, 2011

Her voice, a siren on the rocky shore, drew me in, to places forbidden and dangerous. The allure of the illegal, the sensual, kept me long after my defenses buckled. I saw her in the black light shadows, scantily clad, the glistening drops of sweat running down her ample chest. Seeing my hungry eyes, she turned to her pleasant task. Her back, arched cat like, as she crawled to the pole the center of her throne room. I like an obedient subject, took my place among the ranks of worshipers. Her eyes never left mine, except when, her quickened moves took her face from one side to another. Long... (more)

Tags: depression, illegal, independence, dancer, hopeless, pole

After I Leave

By D. Sager, published on Nov 24, 2011

I have no game not committed to any way

Change my colors blend and go

Disappear in front of your eyes

Blowing in the wind since I was born

Not wanted anywhere where I am

Wanted everywhere after I leave

Flashing colors, calling my mate

In a blink I’m gone, left with the wind

Laughed at, but changed quick

What they laughed at yesterday

Is what they desire today.

Constantly evolving, never staying in a rut

Never know what I’m going through

Have no plans, that I cant undo

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Little Signs

By D. Sager, published on Nov 24, 2011

Sitting at the window, you wait for the sound of me

Knowing your betrayal, you nervously wait to see.

Looking in my eyes, you seek for little signs

the knowledge of forbidden times.

Searching through my things for false pretense

believing I am like you, your incensed.

Take your paranoia, your imposed hell

Leave me alone, your not well.

How is it that, you can steal away

Me, your distant love, held at bay?

In the end you will regret to see

I'll leave you alone and take care of me.


Tags: relationships, betrayal, forbidden, paranoia

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