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Holy Bat Joy! First Fridays With Francis

By Cyndi Marlow, published on May 5, 2014

This month I have taken my inspiration from his homily at Mass celebrated in the Santa Marta residence on April 24. Pope Francis spoke of Christians who are afraid of the joy of Christ’s resurrection.He compared them to bats hiding in dark caves that prefer the shadows and avoid the light.

“This is a Christian’s disease. We’re afraid of joy. It’s better to think: Yes, yes, God exists, but He is there. Jesus has risen and He is there. Somewhat distant. We’re afraid of being close to Jesus because this gives us joy. And this is why there are so many ‘funeral’ (mournful) Christians, isn’t... (more)

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This Holy Week - Who am I in the Story?

By Cyndi Marlow, published on Apr 15, 2014

The below is taken from the text of Pope Francis' Palm Sunday message:

"We might well ask ourselves just one question: Who am I? Who am I, before my Lord? Who am I, before Jesus who enters Jerusalem amid the enthusiasm of the crowd? Am I ready to express my joy, to praise him? Or do I stand back? Who am I, before the suffering Jesus?

We have just heard many, many names. The group of leaders, some priests, the Pharisees, the teachers of the law, who had decided to kill Jesus. They were waiting for the chance to arrest him. Am I like one of them?

We have also heard another... (more)

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