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9 Fast Cooked Chicken Recipes You Can Enjoy Right Now

By CruceA, published on Jun 29, 2016

Fast cooking does not necessarily mean that you need to look for recipes that are really fast to finish. In many cases you can use something that is already cooked to get great dishes cooked in some minutes. That is exactly what we will talk about.

Since everyone loves chicken, you want to consider the combinations below. You just need precooked rotisserie chicken or Purdue roasting chicken. During the weekend you can cook your chicken and then put it in the freezer until you need it. Just use quart size bags. If you forget to defrost during the morning, you can use a microwave... (more)

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Great Sailing Destinations You Want To Experience

By CruceA, published on Feb 7, 2016

Do you love sailing? If you do, you are surely aware of the fact that there are literally hundreds of great destinations to consider for your next visit. Let’s try to give you some interesting ideas, destinations that you did not consider. We left out options really well-known like those in Florida for some that are rarely put in many tops.

The Grenadines

The Grenadines (commonly referred to as “Spice Islands”) is made out of 32 islands, all picturesque and all in the lovely setting of southern Caribbean. There is a great combination of culture, dramatic landscapes, friendly... (more)

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