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By crpitt, published on Jan 4, 2010

What band/musician has given you an Eargasm of late?

Apologies if 'Eargasm' is a word that is not to your taste, it is yet another one of those wretched words like 'unfriend' that has slowly worked its way into my vocabularly.


(Noun) the feeling of overwhelming pleasure when listening to amazing music.

As 2009 has now shuffled off and been replaced by the shiny new 2010, I thought I would do a quick whizz through what albums tickled my inner ear tubes last year. They may or may not have been released in 2009, if they were released earlier than that,... (more)


Your Face or Mine?

By crpitt, published on Nov 19, 2009

How much time did you spend looking for your avatar/profile picture? Was it a quick whizz through your picture file, grabbing the first half decent thing? Or for those that go anonymous, did you pick something that represented at least one element of your personality? There is a whole feast of perfectly understandable reasons, of why you would pick a certain image as your visual representation in this online world. The only one that makes me ponder is why do some men pick a sexy female as their profile picture of choice?

Some possible reasons:

1. Make Money bloggers - they just... (more)

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You are my 'Unfriend'

By crpitt, published on Nov 18, 2009

Apparently the word of the year for 2009 is......Unfriend

Defined as:

Unfriend – verb – To remove someone as a ‘friend’ on a social networking site such as Facebook.

As I am a social networking fiend, the term ‘unfriend’ was not unknown to me, but it doesn’t strike me as word of the year material.  Luckily it is not up to me to choose, that is down to the folks at the Oxford University Press (USA). They must have a lot of fun picking words that some people will idenitfy with, some people will hate and some people won't have a clue about.

Does it really matter if... (more)

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