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Knowledge The Root Of Wisdom

By Credo, published on Aug 18, 2013

The cascading rivers, like tastefully aged wine.

Can a tree live without its roots?

Can a man be a husband without his wife?

How seductive, how beautiful, how divine

Can a bird fly without its wings?

Nay as I suspect, nay, for without it we can not find our rest.

Its benevolent scenery lodging deep within the eye's mind.

Shall a shadow survive without its contrastive light?

Nay, for we are mere figures in the night.

The life of Sebastian has followed us home , it would seem we've fallen at our own behest.

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A Simple Solution To Writer's Block

By Credo, published on Aug 12, 2013

Writers block an interesting subject;

Taking a critical view of the reasons a writer would suddenly stumble, unable to find a subject and the right sentence structure to capture forever and immortalize the most effective words on paper.

It would seem that for no apparent reason this dreaded shut down in creativeness and imagination just all of a sudden, when you least expect it, falls on you like a heavy rain cloud hovering over head, when all at once it releases the biggest pellet drops of rain to spoil your enjoyable picnic.

All writers know the frustrating moments when... (more)

Tags: journalism, publishing, writers block, copywriter, great articles, documentation

Beyond Trayvon

By Credo, published on Jul 24, 2013

BLACK IN AMERICA AND UNARMEDOnly in America can a dead black boy go on trial for his own murder while his killer sits quietly in a court room dressed to the nine.

Civil rights today has regressed, set back at least a hundred years as a result of the dramatic outcome of the Trayvon Benjamin Martin vs George Zimmerman murder case. Where there once was a residue of hopeful communication between the two nations [blacks and whites] it appears that the dream of peace [MLK JR. "I HAVE A DREAM"] shall never be actualized. Blacks have become the country's first home grown foreign nation while... (more)

Tags: race war', unarmed black men, 14th amendments slavery, license too kill, murdered bye they state

The Origin of Racism

By Credo, published on Jun 1, 2013


It's a pity that Americans will always be as diversely affected, torn by the issue and judgmentally complicated on the subject of race. The terminology "racism" always seems to sprout sharp thorns and ruptured thistles of criticism flaring in the air typically like pollen takes to flight on its merry way to un-chartered grounds. *Most odd and bizarre indeed, to live in a racially based country that was established from the barn fires of Negro barbecues, overlooking the burning crosses of bigotry that was displayed on green lawns in front of wooden shacks... (more)

Tags: prejudice, racism, hatred, race relations, the aftermath of slavery, racial sensitivity training, american racism

Storming the Next Sandy

By Credo, published on Apr 17, 2013

Pauly and his family chose to get out of town while the getting was still cynically available to them, but there were many others who did not. Major Bloomberg publicly announced a mandatory evacuation policy for the Rockaway's, sadly though folks did not heed his warning.

The sheer wreckage that Sandy left behind was horrendous, leaving the entire Rockaway village in shambles. The community boardwalk was destroyed, torn apart, huge sections thrown great distances from the beach. It was like watching something from a 1930's war movie where the whole place had just been bombed.

When... (more)

Tags: homelessness, storm, hurricane sandy, bad weather, water damage, home flood insurance, price gouging

Polic Brutality the Invisible Epidemic

By Credo, published on Mar 26, 2013

We survive in a time where our children have very little hope for their future. And they know it. The statistics for a young black male reaching old age is tremendously hostile, living among a system that seems to be struggling against him in favor of his death. In the eyes of black children, the world has declared war on them, they stand perplexed and fashionably confused. Young boys of color acknowledge that merely taking a stroll to the corner store may cost them their lives, or land them in jail for the duration of their existence, being a black child in America means too often tried and... (more)


Reflections of Vision

By Credo, published on Mar 25, 2013

It was the most brilliant of times that I have ever known, the morning’s bright, blue and blushing with gorgeous reservation. For the very first time I can hear my calling so sure and clear, adaptive and viral whistling in the wind daily.

Blessed am I, for I have seen my angel, illuminating her beauty in its illustrious perfection, like an exquisite stallion of gentility, refinement and wonder. Most gracious is my awe, in anticipation of her lights splendor. Never again will I be able to contain my emotions for they are forever exposed to her light, like the pure darkness of... (more)

Tags: religion, wisdom, bible study, love of the word, bible school, god's wisdom

Why was Jesus Crucified Between Two Criminals?

By Credo, published on Mar 18, 2013

Crucifixion was the standard Roman form of punishment for capital offenses against Rome, and hence was practiced on a large scale in Judea under the Roman occupation. All acts of rebellion against Rome were concluded a capital offense. Josephus reports many such incidents of crucifixion i.e.

Antiochus IV crucified Jews in Jerusalem those who would not relinquish their faith; The most popular crucifixion of Christ was also perform as a method to recoil a potential and developing rebellion, an insurgence which was expected by the Roman politicians to be growing among the devout practicing... (more)

Tags: religion, christ, crucifixion, christian studies, malefactor, religious studies and research

Black Gun Prohibition

By Credo, published on Mar 4, 2013

Banning guns in America has never been a traditional legal practice, yet the sale and the use of guns has always been systemically controlled commencing from the seize {enslavement} of the so called Black population. From the inception of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Black enslavement engendered the Black gun prohibition to ensure Black servitude or a lack of Black empowerment and the right of self protection. The right of any free man to protect himself, his family, his culture and his land was removed from them as a prerequisite of the slave trade’s success.

Due to the policies and... (more)

Tags: education, historical education, political education, gun control laws, black society, citizenship rights


By Credo, published on Jun 21, 2011

There is the very real possibility of an conspiratorial collaboration developing between foreign (mercenary soldiers dress in American uniforms) and domestic military solders (our sons and daughters who are politically misinformed) with the express expected purpose of patrolling the streets of the American society. Senators have already been secretly prepped as to the eminent state sponsored martial law status, and the military mobilization within the boarders of America, for the so called purpose of restraining (as per the government's intelligence detection) civil unrest among the general... (more)


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