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4 Important Steps You Need To Take After a Personal Injury

By copygeek, published on Jul 6, 2017

If you sustain an injury to your person as a result of an accident, there are some key steps that you must take in order to ensure a smooth claims process.

Keep all documents and important information safe

Make sure you keep all documents, papers, and information given to you from the time of the accident. Keep all information gathered about the other party if applicable, so you can have the details on hand when you move forward with the claim. It is especially crucial that you keep all documents given to you by your doctor as these will be compulsory when you seek legal action.... (more)

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6 Steps to Take after a Bike Accident

By copygeek, published on Jun 26, 2017

According to the latest statistics issued by "The Center for Disease Control and Prevention," bike riders are at a higher risk of facing a collision with an automobile than drivers of motor vehicles. So, what should you do if you are caught up in an accident with an automobile? Here are the steps that you should take immediately after the bike accident: 1. Never Leave the Accident Scene Running away from the scene of an accident may put you in danger. State traffic laws need the drivers involved in the accident to follow certain procedures just after the accident. 2. Make Sure That You Are... (more)

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4 Innovative Ways to Manage Your Finances in 2017

By copygeek, published on Feb 25, 2017

If you’re looking to better manage your finances in 2017 and beyond, you’ll want to try new tactics this year. In order to help, we’ve got some advice that should help you get ahead and continue to build for the future.

Use Online Banking Notifications

The immediacy of online banking helps let you check and manage your funds quickly at any time and from anywhere. By enabling notifications and alerts through email or text message, you will get direct and immediate updates about your banking. This will greatly help with managing your bills and other finances, because you can set... (more)

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Picking the Perfect Door for Your Home

By copygeek, published on Jan 17, 2017

One of the best ways to change the style of your home is to have a door that makes a difference. When you walk into a house, you don’t usually notice the door. It is a part of the home that is accepted, but is rarely given a second thought to. However, a door can have a very large impact on how a room or the interior of a house looks. Today, we are more likely to buy homes than to build them ourselves. Because of this, the doors in the houses are already installed, and no one really looks at them when making a buying decision.

A good door on the inside of your home is a vital part of... (more)


4 Video Games With Uncanny Realism

By copygeek, published on Jan 13, 2017

4 Video Games Video Games With Uncanny Realism

Thanks to advances in graphics technology, developers can now make games of uncanny realism. They can replicate anything and to the finest detail. But, there is a downside to this obsession with photo-realism: the quality of game design has dropped. In the past, necessity forced developers to focus more on game play than on graphics. And by default, artistic creativity and an engaging plot became a game's selling point. Fortunately, some modern games - such as the four listed below - have not lost this touch.

1) Assassins Creed... (more)

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