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Interview with Artist Lex Lumiere

By Connoisseur, published on Apr 25, 2011

Lex Lumiere is an award-winning photographer and artist whose work in photography, oil painting and mixed media thrusts social boundaries. Her art is known for being politically charged and infused with themes of environmentalism, activism and spirituality. Lex deliberately chooses subject matter that has the ability to move the human spirit, and strives to challenge people to think differently about the world around them.

Originally from Houston, Texas, Lex spent her summers in her grandfather’s photography studio, training in classic lighting and darkroom photography. She grew up there... (more)

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Positive Changes In The Modeling Industry

By Connoisseur, published on Oct 25, 2010

When your family has been in the photography business for over fifty years, you learn first hand that the fashion industry can be very demanding of professional models to maintain strict weight requirements. Once a model is bound by contract, he or she is often required to maintain their own 'brand image' and not exceed the weight for which they were originally signed. Hence the infamous, 'weigh in.' If during a 'weigh in,' the models weight fluctuates too high or too low, their career, income and contract can be dissolved. The real issue in both the fashion and entertainment industry is that... (more)

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Building Business During A Recession

By Connoisseur, published on Oct 17, 2008

While in the midst of a Recession, some people are in the market for a new job but have a difficult time gathering the resources they need to jump start their career. This is where Social Networking can be vital, since 34% of new employees hired are employee referrals, brought in from outside a company. In fact, social networking is cited as the Number #1 way to get a new job. Apparently, human resources, recruiters and employers prefer to talk to and hire an individual who's been recommended by someone that they already employ. An employee referral provides not only a great first reference... (more)


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