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Tips on Going off the Grid to Live the Way You Love

By Clicktechtips, published on Feb 4, 2016

‘Off-the-grid’ indicates living in homes, which are autonomous, referring they don’t depend on the so called fundamental needs like municipal water supply, natural gas, sewer, electrical power grid and similar other services. A real off-the-grid place is able to function completely independent from all the conventional public utility services. Many people who think about how to go off the grid, is driven upon the need to get rid of the debts, spending money, dealing with finances and to walk far from a life of servitude. There are even tips available to guide those who have decided to go off... (more)


Best Valentine’s Day gift for wife in 2016

By Clicktechtips, published on Jan 12, 2016

She takes care of you, your family and your entire family. You can freely to go out for your work because you know that she is there at home to fulfill all the various responsibilities. She remains awake till late at night till you return home so that you can get your food and her responsibilities again start early morning next day so that you do not get late for your office.

When she does so many things for you, there cannot be any other special day than the Valentine’s Day to thank her, to thank your wife for being in your life.

Do you remember when was the last time... (more)

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Globalization and Cottage Industry Products

By Clicktechtips, published on Jan 5, 2016

As the Task Force on Handicrafts definition (1989) puts it: ‘Handicrafts are items made by hand, often with the use of simple tools, and are generally artistic and/or traditional in nature. They include objects of utility and objects of decoration.’

The heart of India lies in its small and cottage industries that produce exactly these products. Through the 18th and 19th centuries India was known more for crafts than by arts, religion or philosophy as the quality of its products were so exquisite. Product offerings today include varied materials – from dress fabrics to soaps to carpets... (more)

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What else Google excels in? Find out!

By Clicktechtips, published on Oct 8, 2015

Google has become a fundamental unit of our lives that reigned every mind since it was introduced to the systems. If the life and associated rhythmic activities seems like a five- finger exercise, Google has to be actually accredited for this. When we ought to browse through any word, phrase, general issues, address or a website we preferably consider Google the ‘search king’ rather than dawdling through other search engines. And as a moment of fact, anyone with vast knowledge is recognized as Google and nowadays we don’t say “search“, instead we just order “Google” it! It is an answer to all... (more)


Styling your house such that it suits your mood and nature

By Clicktechtips, published on Oct 1, 2015

People from the remotest corners of the world are working harder than ever to make a dent in the world. All of them are working hard to see that specific impediment in their lives but all of them have forgotten the real pleasures of life. All of these people are using their hard earned money for building a house that is pretty and really comfortable. This house is going to be their refuge for the coming times. This house is going to protect them against all the odds and ensure that they are having a good time.

Now that you know the importance of a house, it is time for you to style your... (more)


5 things an employer wants on your resume

By Clicktechtips, published on Sep 30, 2015

The nature of the job and the hiring paradigm has changed over the time. Enterprises today are looking forward to hire less hardworking and more talented people. Though everyone is not born with a talent but one can always develop a talent. Building a successful career from scratch is also a talent. You need to be really persistent and incessant with your efforts in order to make a mark in the world. It takes immense dedication and indomitable efforts to make it large.

Curriculum Vitae and Resumes are the first step towards a career development. Every time you apply for a job, it is... (more)

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An Overview of “Windows Hello” on Windows 10

By Clicktechtips, published on Aug 10, 2015

Once Microsoft stated that in the future operating system a user will not need to type a password to get the access to Windows 10. So, Microsoft introduced “Windows Hello”, which is an identification process where a user has to use his/her face or fingerprint as a password. This is going to be the most secured biometric authentication to get access to Windows 10 supported devices.

Microsoft said that ‘Windows Hello” will be a part of Windows 10. Using technology that it basically started as a component of Microsoft Kinect Depth Camera that shipped with the Xbox 360 and Xbox One... (more)


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